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So, hey, y'all, I got a question: I know there's some werewolf types around, anyone know who they are, or any of you willin' ta step forward and introduce yourselves? In private, if you wanna. I got a few questions, an' I'm thinkin' it'd be a good idea to make some connections, since I'm pretty new ta this whole thing.

Also, anyone know if there's a way ta play movies around here? ... and anyone got any? I'm looking for some ancient classics, guess they might be contemporary for some a th' folks here.
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No need to be private about it on my end. I'm quite open about what I am. I'm one of the two original werewolves-- as in, those of us who were before Traveling. The name is Randolph Lyall.
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And a few hundred years or so, yes. My particular type of werewolf doesn't age.

[He's not going to get into the reincarnation bit just yet. He knows that part's confusing.]
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Well, did you start off as one, or did you pick it up on a Jaunt? There's only one Jaunt so far that had werewolves, so it ought to be easy enough to determine which type from there you are.

If you came here as one, that's a bit more complicated.
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Just because you picked up the form, doesn't mean you are always a werewolf. It's rather like other forms we learn here: you have to actively use it. If you were actively using it, then you might still have the issues with anger management and the full moon rages, but if you weren't, you probably won't feel any of the additional effects.

So once we do wind up on a Jaunt with a moon, if you remain yourself, you'll only have to worry about running mad if you're trying to use the form or its abilities.

[And if he sounds wistful at that last sentence, well, he did kind of just run mad last Jaunt... it'd be nice to not have that threat hovering over him.]
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You're telling me.

[He sounds dry rather than annoyed, though.]

But honestly, I don't mind. I'd rather have fewer dangerous creatures running around than have other true werewolves just for companionship. The wolf in me seems to think part-time werewolves are quite good enough.

... we do have a small pack of us. If you feel the need for that sort of thing.
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Of course I don't mind. I doubt the others will, either. I'm usually easy to find. Blonde hair, glasses, not particularly tall, brown suit. I can show you around to the others.