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I... have never Investigated before, so this is a bit bizarre but... is anyone else still themselves here?

I also appear to be covered in scales and have tentacles in place of hair. I'd appreciate some insight, if anyone has any.
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I'm both.

You probably don't remember Ridic, that annoying diabolin kid with the temper and the hair-pulling crush on the engineer you were during that Jaunt, right? I'm him. But still me.

Feel free to stop by the Empress, that big ship with the wings and the dozens of welding patches on her hull. I'm her pilot.
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You sure do pick the weirdest shit to remember. Yeah, you were her engineer. Along with Alcuin, who was your brother. You didn't much like me, at the time. You did kinda help a new alien get born in the engine, though, which was pretty cool, even if it pissed the rest of us off.
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Uh, no. Shit, Vilari, why'd you think that?

[He's not sure whether to be amused or dismayed that that's what her mind immediately jumps to. Maybe a bit of both.]

She's still alive, she's fine. Still fusses over the ship.
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We weren't all murderers and criminals on that ship. Only some of us. Besides, one of the murderers had a thing for one of them, so, y'know, not gonna let the killing thing happen.

Not to mention they're the only ones who know how to fix the ship, really, and that ship was our ticket to a new life.
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Yep. He annoys her more than anything else, but lucky for him, he thinks that's funny. She doesn't so much, but she's been gettin' used to him-- or at least she don't yell at him so much, these days.
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How does that work?
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Got me. I've never done it before. But seems like I basically got dumped into the diabolin kid's body without actually forgetting I'm not him. He's still in here, kinda, but like he's background noise.
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Does he know you're there?
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Nah. He don't know nothin's different from normal, far as I can tell.
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That must be... strange.

[Cassandra is quiet for a moment.]

We all must have disappeared really suddenly, when we were here last.
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Well, shit was weird last time we were here. Infiltrators and shit got into liminal space. Portals opened up everywhere. It was a mess. A couple dozen passengers disappearing from a very crowded ship was the least of the shit they had to worry about.
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I know... but after the worst of it was over, they might have had time to think about it some more.

[It could be attributed to the tachyon storm. But if it were her - well, if it were her, she'd probably be dead, but if she had survived, she would have been unsure about that. After all, they'd all been on Gehenna together, and the tachyon storm hadn't reached that place immediately. She'd wonder why these people in particular had disappeared, and look for things they might have had in common. And maybe there wouldn't be anything, but there might be.]
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Mostly I think we all assumed the missing people were on the second ship that didn't make it through. Cuz there were two big ones to start with-- and a whole mess of little ones. Or else got stuck in the portal place-- liminal space. Plus a lot of us were hallucinating, not just my kind, so could be some people figured we imagined this person or that person.

There was a lot of shit going down, most of which could pretty easily explain missing passengers.
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And there was a lot of confusion when the Corona people moved to the Empress of Moths.

...If they remember Liminal Space, we're going to have to be careful. More careful.

[She's not sure whether they as a group are quite capable of carefulness.]
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Think I'd forgotten you were on that one. Huh. Guess Ridic didn't pay much attention.

But yeah, they remember. We remember. Not what it was, never did know that, but that there was a place on the other side of those portals.
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I think we mostly didn't run into each other. And I started out on the other ship initially - I just stayed on the Empress of Moths after the portals started opening.

[She really hadn't liked being on the Corona.]

So we can't let them see us moving to or from Liminal Space.
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Yeah, be best if not. If anybody needs to rent a room here, I can probably share some of the Empresses' credits, so we can keep jumpin' to liminal to a minimum. Or we can find some outa the way corner to make 'em if it ain't an emergency.
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They won't need those?

Why is the Empress here, anyway?
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Delivering cargo and picking up supplies. We got plenty of trees on that moon we landed on, this station don't have any, so it's a hot commodity. Means we can buy a lot of shit we don't have but need.
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[Cassandra is quiet for a moment.]

Is everybody all right?

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