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Whose Round Is It Anyway?

[Early in the day - well before her own abduction - Allura's voice comes across the network, the pattern of her thought-speech quick, but oddly lacking inflection.]

Given recent events, I think it's time we work out just which of our patrons is hosting this Jaunt, and whether or not we can allow their preferences to dictate how we go about freeing those who've been captured.

Does anyone have any insight into which of the Arcana are playing this round?

Or into the security measures we're likely to see at the detainment facility?
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I think it's safe to say that one of the patrons is the Moon, given a variety of things in the last liminal space.

... I have no idea about the other, though.
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Secrecy, illusion, mystery, darkness, fantasy... really, all things that suit a kidnapping organization and a "starlight" music festival, as well as a dark liminal space full of alien spacecraft and musical animals. Er, those cows, or whatever they were supposed to be, were made up of a kind of musical recording substance. What's in the cassette tapes for sale at the festival.

I'm not sure what the spotlights could be. Sun? Shining light on something, inducing honesty and understanding? Of the two, I'd much rather have a Sun win, so maybe the goal is to bring secrets to light, here.
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Hmm, Judgment has aspects of truth, too, but I would have expected more light from Judgment. Sun, too, for that matter. That's the problem with using broad definitions of the tarot cards... a lot of them have overlap. So that's three potentials, though. All of which I'd rather have winning a Jaunt than Moon, to be honest, though Justice is a bit iffy.

Armin is talking about aliens. Where did that come from? If this Area 54 is looking specifically for aliens... that could be a lead. I might be able to to sniff out anyone who smells non-human, perhaps, if they do in fact exist here.
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Not necessarily detect, but if they don't smell like a human, it's a fair chance they're not. It depends on if whatever they might be is hidden by some sort of technology, like a hologram, or shape-shifted away, and if it's shape-shifted, if it's magical or biological. If it's magical, I could perhaps counter it. Otherwise, I might not even notice.

I'll head back into the festival in the morning and have a sniff around. I didn't notice anything today, but then, I wasn't looking, and the number of people all crammed into one space is... well, it's a bit overwhelming. It might be better if most of them are sleeping in, and I poke around while it's quieter.
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Oh? May I ask what your abilities are like? I'm a shapeshifter myself, but only into one or two other forms, at least by nature. I've picked up a few since Traveling, but that isn't quite the same thing.
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By the way you say that, I am guessing the consequences are quite dire. I can understand that-- my own shapechanging abilities aren't without their costs, either. The ones gifted to us by the Arcana, though, often don't seem to have any.
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I have confirmation of that from Raidou. Apparently she switched him to the walkabout to prevent us from finding out about Area 54.
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It is.

That was the motive ascribed to her actions, anyway, but it didn't make much sense, since his overlay wasn't likely to share anyway.
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I'm sure she could have. I just can't see the reason, since we found out anyway - and since she knows we have the capability to speak between the jaunt and the walkabout.

I'm not really sure what part the bands play in all this, either, unless they're just a distraction. They don't seem to have much to do with aliens - unless the real aliens are in the bands? Or at the festival somewhere, anyway. [Not that he knows what they should do with the aliens if they find them.]
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Ah, sorry, didn't I mention? That's what Raidou said Area 54 is for, anyway. The place they were taken. I haven't substantiated it with anyone over here, yet.
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I have the number of agents that should be at Area 54, anyway, though the figure is a year and a half out of date. [He gives the figure, along with a few other details about the size and layout of the facility.]

As for who their quarry is... it's obvious they're chasing after some sort of alien, but I have no idea why they're being so reckless. Maybe... Raidou told me of an alien shapeshifter they'd captured they called P.E.T. Maybe he's escaped, so they're going after anyone suspicious? And unfortunately, a lot of us fall into that category.

He also said that some of the alien tech the shapeshifter brought to earth is unaccounted for, so it could have something to do with that too.

I know what the alien looks like, as well as distant photos of several of his disguises, but none of them are anyone I recognize. But then, if he's an alien shapeshifter, it's unlikely he'd be recognizable - if he is indeed a Traveler.

[Now all they need to figure out who the alien is is for someone from modern day earth who knows the Doctor to ask to see the disguises. Armin, unfortunately, has no inkling who Colin Baker, Patrick Troughton, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, and David Tennant are or what they look like - or what they have in common.]
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Necessary threadjack

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Purple Alien Extraterrestrial. We're not creative here at www.Evil.Gov/area/54, that's for sure.

We thought the PET was a shapeshifter, which is why we freaked when it escaped.

And by "we" I mean my overlay's organization.

...come to that, bringing them to justice seems like a fair theory of who's fighting this. I'll back Justice over Moon if it came down to it.
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So the shapeshifter has escaped. When they started snatching people so recklessly, I wondered...

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Exactly how purple? My regular form has that sort of color scheme.

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