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Here comes trouble

As a heads up, there's been an abrupt uptick in bounty hunter activity last-- ah, day and a half or so.

[Brief pause to do some conversion there. Differing time measurements can be a pain.]

I've been able to chat with at least one under the guise of coming to hunt myself, and also take a quick look at what files they've been accessing. The Empress of Moths, or rather, the people suspected of being on it, are the most accessed targets.

It seems that our choices would be either to interfere, or stay out of the way. Thoughts?
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... looks like I'm gonna have to start making myself a more obvious presence around the station, until we leave.

[Obviously, his decision is to interfere.]

My bounty's almost the biggest, anyway, so at least I'll be tempting until the fuckers realize they can't take me. And even then, there will be enough who think they can to keep 'em coming.

Anybody else who's havin' issues with attacks, feel free to call me up. I'll come do what I can.
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That sounds like a damn fine idea. If you can do that, do that. Ain't like they can do anything to me that won't be gone in a minute or two.
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That sounds like a plan, to me. I can even feed you locations if you want, whenever I'm ready to get attacked again.
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[There's the sense that Riddick is grinning on the other end.]

This is gonna be fun.