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Late in the Third Jaunt Mingle, Another Report of Scary Things

Alright, alright, nowhere is safe! It's official, that's it, show's over, can we go home now? I am so done with all of this! So done!

Because Nakamiyo was supposed to be free of anyone who might want to threaten me with ghosts or shoot me in the leg, and you know who I ran into again out here? Matthew! He was right here! Right here IN NAKAMIYO WHERE HE DOESN'T BELONG! I thought he was going back to his monastery or sticking around in Koroshima to talk to dead people! Not just walking along on a path in the middle of nowhere in Nakamiyo, SENDING OUT TERRIFYING FIRE MONSTERS WITH A BAZILLION HEADS to attack people! Just when I thought whatever he could summon up couldn't get worse, he pulls that from the bowels of hell! I barely got out of there alive!

...Cassandra, I'm in Liminal Space again, if you were wondering.
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The whole penninsula's not that big. People travel, especially when it's getting wild like this.
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Same way people live any wild place. They find a way together. THat's what we're all supposed to do too.
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Then you find someone who is and follow their lead. I spent my first two Jaunts following Zoe around.
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We look out for each other. That's basically the one rule.

[Also people would rather watch out for him than clean up after him but that would be mean]
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That's how we've made it this far.
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It works out better for everyone that way.