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[Jaunt] Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

[Usually Alcuin sticks to thoughts only on the Network, so his urgent voice live-streaming in Investigator's minds may be the first time they have ever heard him do this - but the message is more important than the method.]

The Sun Temple will be under attack within the day! Soldiers - Sentinels they are calling them - march on the Temple and are killing any they come across, villager or monk. Messages are being sent conventionally, but there is little hope they will get through. We're rallying all that we have, but I fear we will be too few with so many gone to the summit.

Please, someone carry word to the heads of the provinces at the summit and prepare them! I doubt they are meant to emerge from that place alive.
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Blockades in Koroshima. Do you need supplies that we can portal over?
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I'm going with 'too gorram many'. I can move anyone who's around Suzuki for now.

But even if we could get everyone there, just us isn't going to do the trick. You're right, we need the locals moving on that.

There might be routes that aren't watched as closely... pirates might be the place to look, for that.
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No, don't imagine they're keen to fight. But if this plays out the way the Empire wants, their usual trade's liable to run into trouble. Shouldn't be too hard to convince them to use the old tricks for new reasons. At least that way there's something that won't vanish without warning.
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She's pretty keen to get away from all this with Rosie, but I might have some luck getting her to talk to some people. She'll have connections, I'm sure.
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I'll pitch it as a business matter. Probably the best bet, with her overlay.