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[After this encounter, Matthew's mental voice sounds annoyed, somewhat disgruntled, and utterly, utterly confused.]


Gil is unconscious? And we don't know why.
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Is this network always so... much? I'm glad no demons were harmed, and all are alive and well, etcetera, etcetera...

But this level of shouting is unusual, right? Please tell me it is.

[ LOOK. He doesn't like having all this noise in his head! ]
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[This week's psychic communications are kind of weird. First they're on the lookout for demons, then they're not, then there's a Halloween party...

Well. Yakumo's come to terms with the Travellers being a strange and unpredictable bunch. At least here, now, he's ready to talk about something much more reasonable:]

How many people here have studied Colour Magic? [definitely a more normal topic. Somewhat awkward, a little abrupt - as if he's only just had it pointed out come to the realization that he can ask other people what they did.] And which Colour did you decide on?
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If everyone is done with the latest misunderstanding and no one's wound up in the floor, I have some slightly less exciting but far more pleasant content for you.

[Her announcement was pre-empted by a shooting. It figures. Serves her right for trying to wait until midnight to put it up, but she'd thought, why waste actually having a clock around? Either way, this is a basic communication rather than a fancy video one out of respect for Thorne likely being indisposed for a while.]

That is to say, by the closest reckoning I can manage, it's been one year and eleven months since I arrived, and since my arrival clearly coincided with Halloween, that means that it's the beginning of October now, and also that we're going to be on a Jaunt for the holiday itself.

Both Halloween and the beginning of October are very important to me, as well as Battler and Maria Ushiromiya, two very important people to me you may be acquainted with. It's something of a tradition for us to combine a personal holiday at the start of the month with a Halloween party if there's a chance we might be apart on the day itself, and this year I thought I'd extend an invitation to all of Liminal Space to have such an early Halloween party. It would be a time to celebrate the more positive aspects of spirits and the afterlife after the ghastly business that was Harrogate, and more importantly, to enjoy each others' company and gorge ourselves on Liminal candy.

I will more than happily provide the venue - I'm rearranging my Mansion into something more suitable as we speak - but I wouldn't mind help from any volunteers, especially people who have thrown Liminal Parties before. I'll make an announcement at the time of the event, but I figure it will be ready in three days - about the right amount of time to party until the Jaunt starts, if my napkin-calculations are right again!

Anyway, I'm rambling and don't have an editor here, so everyone, consider yourselves invited to an early Halloween Party, as both guests and, if you like, co-hosts.
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We are handling the situation! Stop your shouting at the poor man! It was an honest mistake, and I am safe. It is common for goodly folk to consider me an enemy when taken by surprise of my appearance, and I will not fault those here for doing the same.

Leave him be.
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-=a loud shriek cuts through the network and for once it's not jules! prompto has figured out the network just in time to have a complete fit=-


-=poor drizzt has again been mistaken for something evil. and yes those are gunshots out in the clearing for anyone nearby=-
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Now that we have had some time to relax after the events of Harrowgate, I have some ideas about how to improve our responses as infiltrators to situations.

For those of you who are newly joining us, greetings and apologies for what will likely be uncomfortable discussions. The previous Jaunt was… not a good one for many of us despite the successful outcome.

We, as a group, need to get better at talking about what happens to us on Jaunts, no matter how emotionally difficult it is. I understand not wanting to think or talk about a traumatic event, but talking about it allows others to avoid the same situation in the future. Avoiding something doesn't make it unhappen or stop existing.

We have people, including myself, who know how to keep to facts and events when relaying information to prepare others. I cannot speak for them, but if you wish to use my services my door is always open and I will not think lesser of anyone for finding it difficult to speak openly.

Which brings me to my second suggestion, and the reasons I see for it.

We need a better system for gathering information and taking action as investigators. Running headfirst in to something without a plan keeps getting people arrested, killed or worse.

I know that dying may not be as bothersome to some of us as it is others, but it is not a pleasant or always acceptable price for information.

What I propose is that we put together a dedicated response team of investigators willing and able to follow an actual plan and work in coordination for gathering information in sensitive or dangerous situations as well as extracting those who get in over their heads.

Powers beyond use of the mental network that I believe would be beneficial or crucial to this are teleportation, shapeshifting, interface, summoning Travelers, portal creation, and some sort of healing knowledge. Nobody needs to have all of them, but a few or a willingness to learn them would be good.

Stealth and combat skills can be taught, but most important will be an ability to take and follow orders of whomever is taking point as coordinator for the jaunt based on their knowledge and experience as well as put aside personal opinions and egos for the sake of a greater good.

I know that we have no idea who will or won't be themselves on Jaunts but if there are enough people in this Response Squad, for lack of a better name, then the odds are that at least a few will be themselves and able to act.

...and yes, this is a request for volunteers, regardless of your personal opinions of me or other Travelers.

If you wish to speak with me privately about this, my door is open through the Workshop Library.
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[Even without an actual livestream attached to it, there's still the ghost of a faint, ladylike cough before the speaker begins. Man. Even back ... back before everything she'd never used the network in public. But now... she supposes she might as well ask.

A high mental voice pipes up.]

Excuse me, everyone? Could I have a moment of your time?

To begin with, I should introduce myself to everyone who has arrived since I last Travelled with you all: my name is Haru Okumura. While I did do so in person, I'd like to thank my rescuers for coming after me again... It is wonderful to know there are still people among the Travellers willing to take those kinds of risks for someone they don't know.

However, I've noticed that a lot of things have changed around here, apart from all the ... new faces? I certainly don't recall all the doors here before! Are those usually here, or are they just part of this Liminal Space? Never mind everything else...
Would it be possible for somebody to let me know what I've missed while I've been ... would you call it "away"? It really would be greatly appreciated.
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So, fellows, I'm not sure if that dear chap that calls himself our alpha has informed any of you, but he's passed a birthday while out gallivanting about with dragons and that lot. I think it's a fine excuse for a celebration, and it's only proper we should organize it.

Sweets are a must, but no processed sugars. Entertainment, drinks, we shall need a guest list of course. Any ideas, what?
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[This is apparently a live feed, from the inside of something like a mecha cockpit. There's a targeting reticule in soft blue, marked "WEAPONS: SAFETY ON," and a few subsystems with diagnostics labeled by name - ZERO and KHKU and ALRA are the active ones.

This is under a murky brown sea - the temperature reading has it as a comfortable 100 degrees Farenheit.

The reason this is getting livestreamed becomes apparent when a merlion enters view. The livestreamer focuses on that, waving hello with a blue glowing gauntlet. The merlion looks over, then starts to lazily swim away. The streamer just keeps watching it - the ripples of its movements, the irridescence of it's red and gold fur.]
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It has... come to my attention that my Overlay, while... under the influence of that foul thing... inflicted several Travellers with a particular form of madness that I am all too familiar with.

Repeat it in red! 'This is a major Higurashi spoiler!' )
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[Drizzt's mind suddenly and without warning rolls forth, his anger slamming into the network, his thoughts barely coherent as the Hunter fights for control.]

My parents are gone. I must bring them back. One of you must know. Tell me now!

[Never before in Synodiporia has Drizzt Do'Urden been so fully enraged, filled with anger that is so much easier to feel than the agonizing pain of losing his father after they had truly become father and son. In his anger, he unhelpfully does not state where he is. Only some that know him well might figure it out.]

[OOC: Psychic post OTA. Feel free to yell at him for being a dick, too.]
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[Kinji sounds... less himself than usual. There's a distinct lack of energy to his words, the very strong impression of his face being buried in his hands.]

If anyone who got sent off t'Walkabout wants t'know what happened durin' Harrogate, I came back with a whole heap a' my overlay's footage. Still gotta go over an' edit it, but I got the whole final battle, fer the most part, an' a pretty decent chunk a' the rest a' the month. So long as y'all don't mind it bein' filtered through me. [because he knows how many people he actively annoys just by existing]

Anyone want out a' that footage, lemme know an' I'll fix that. Alcuin, I'm gonna go an' ask that I get t'keep all the footage we got durin' yer interview, but if y'all don't want it hangin' round, then by all means lemme know. Anyone wanna help me add t'this, make a full account a' what went down an' not just Kris's, gimme a shout. Anythin' I ain't got footage for, I got memories I plan on uploadin' too - gonna leave everythin' in the library when I'm done.
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[Not long after the return to Liminal, in a timeframe better measured in minutes than anything else, Kitty starts broadcasting. It's quiet at first but quickly gets louder as she's clearly working herself into a fit, dropping any ability to filter from the network as she goes.]






(To those who'd actionspam at her instead of responding on the network, she's just standing rooted to the spot where she arrived, staring at a moose-sized dragon opposite of her, who seems to be rather unsure of how to help her, considering that she dodges every time the dragon tries to get closer, without ever moving away further. Her whole body is tense, her fingers curled, and those who can see through masks will notice that her whole body language resembles that of a thoroughly spooked cat.)]
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Did anyone keep the ability to build limbs from our trip to Nova Venezia, or otherwise know how to build them with the same level of articulation.

Second of all, is there any specific food anyone wants? I will be hosting something besides hot chocolate and marshmallow flowers as soon as I can manage to get enough supplies made for a get together.


We did good, and a party is well deserved I think.
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I know that there are many who are disturbed by what we assume is the next Jaunt. There is little I can do to alleviate those fears. However, I can offer a small diversion.

My room in Liminal Space, accessible through my father's training hall, is more a forest and campsite than a room. I have made it to be night in its ceiling, and have set out some food and drink, including s'mores, so that you may have something happier to occupy your mind for a short while.

All are welcome-- [he chuckles lightly.] --and all I ask is for it to remain in one piece

[Translation to all that noise; PARTY AT DRIZZT'S PLACE.]
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So yeah, I get it, we're going to this Harrowgate place and a lot of you had a bad time there. Thing is while I'm sure defense against the dark arts or whatever you are calling it is important, it sounds more like a class that you teach to dorky wizards. I think we need to work out practical logistics.

Some people are saying the network is gunna be a mess, and you know what that means a more low tech solution. I propose that on the second day we're there around noon, we choose a location, like a city hall, or bar, or something, and meet there with a password like "Hey, where's a guy get a pint around here?" or something else reasonable to ask that wouldn't freak out the locals. Then when we know what the heck is going on we can hammer out a better plan.

Trust me, you work as a hit man as long as I have you make backup plans to meet with your pals to get a job done. After a day we'll have better knowledge of the mess we're in and we can hammer something together then. I mean really, have any of these jaunts started killing people the day we hit the ground?


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