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So, fellows, I'm not sure if that dear chap that calls himself our alpha has informed any of you, but he's passed a birthday while out gallivanting about with dragons and that lot. I think it's a fine excuse for a celebration, and it's only proper we should organize it.

Sweets are a must, but no processed sugars. Entertainment, drinks, we shall need a guest list of course. Any ideas, what?
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Hey folks, Ambrose here. I know the other day Elphaba was asking after magic users to learn stuff from, but I was wondering... does anyone else want to learn magic? Who's willing to teach it? Maybe we should get together and do a big ol'... workshop? Exhibition? One of those things.

[ look he's been in the champagne a bit, it happens. ]

Basically everyone who is okay with teaching their particular stripe of magic can show what it's capable of, and anyone who wants to learn can shop around. We did this once a while ago, sorta, but I think it's time we do it again.
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So um. Just how much are worlds we go to like the ones we came from?

Like, you know, this is California. I just figured that out. But there aren't any cities in California called Santa Carlita, that I remember. But it's still California, so some things are the same.

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I've never done this before, but there's a first time for everything.

It's about time to do a check-in to see who are investigating - or at least have an infiltrator persona. My name is Jean Kirstein and... I don't investigate very often.

Apparently, I arrived with an ID that says I'm 21. So I guess age up, or down, is normal in this Jaunt. I also got a surprise guitar and seem to know how to play it...? Anyone else had something like that happen to them?

I won't ask if anyone has an idea of what we're supposed to do, since it's so early on the Jaunt... but it's good to keep your eyes open for any information that seems important.
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We're still assuming that the liminal space before a Jaunt represents the Arcana competing in it, yes? I know someone's mentioned this earlier, but it definitely needs to be highlighted-- I think it's pretty obvious this time that the contest will be between Chariot and Tower. The giant wooden horse running through a thunderstorm really couldn't be more blatant. For once.

[He's not great at understanding symbolism, but damn if this wasn't an easy one.]

So if that's right, it'll be a contest of motion and persistence, versus dramatic change and catastrophe. I think it's easy enough to decide who we want to support, in this case. We'll just have to find ways to make sure we see what sort of conditions make for a win for each ideal.

Any ideas for what to look for and how to keep things from devolving into a catastrophe? Those seem to happen a lot when we're around, unfortunately.
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Hello, sorry, Lyall here. Do all of you recall that vision I had of the dividing wall between us during the last month or so of liminal space? How it was a very literal sign of what was to come?

It's happened again. I had another one. And it's being about as persistent as the first one, so I'm guessing it's important. I can share it directly if anyone would like me to, but in summary, I believe there's something out there beyond the reefs. I saw dark water, well below the level of the reefs, and a large, pale, diseased something. All I saw was a wall of flesh, that was then obscured by bubbles, and then it went even darker. Like it dove away.

I don't know if we need to find it to stop it, or find it to help it. But I do think we need to find it, if just to keep it from coming here.

... also, I am still making earplugs, for those who are finding the noise difficult to bear. I'm not sure if it will help entirely, but it can't hurt. If anyone wants to try and distribute them to people who trust them and might need them, please let me know, I'll get you a few pairs.
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Okay. Uh. Wow. I did not expect to be Investigating as a mermaid. Selkie. Finvestigating. You know.

I also did not expect to get all kinds of shiny mermaid knowledge dumped in my head the moment I ended up in the water, but that seems to have happened anyway. So if anyone wants to know anything about that shit, please do ask me. The most important thing is that the Thalassian Mermaid Queen, the Dread Empress or whatever, is as scary as fuck and our cover story should probably be that we ran away from her empire because we didn’t want to become cannibal berserkers. Which are a thing. Oh my god.

Anyway, it looks like we’re in the world with the Labyrinthine Shoals? Like, that’s evidently where we are. We’re in the Shoals. And I guess we’re mermaids? Some of us? Can anyone chime in to tell me if there’s anyone around who’s not a mermaid.

Actually, maybe we should make this a general check-in with, like, name and species. I’ll go first: this is Thorne and it looks like I’m a California sea lion selkie.
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There's some dumbass in a cowboy had who just arrived. Japanese, has a Texas accent, and the stupidest weapon I've ever seen.

He's also got some kind of fixation on murdering werewolves for no reason, so don't let anything slip around him.

He knows about me, and I'd rather be the only one he's trying to kill. I can handle him.
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Pardon me.

[As polite as ever; Daneel rarely speaks on the psychic network at large, though he listens enough. It's rude to interject, he feels.]

I'm interested in what you generally feel are acceptable birthday celebrations, and what sort of details are involved. Ambrose's birthday is very soon, and I would like to do something for him, but I have little cultural experience with birthday parties. Spacer culture is the one I know best, but birthday celebrations past childhood are not common for them.

What would you suggest is appropriate?

Also, I would greatly appreciate help with the creation of food and drink, for those of you capable of it.
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((Backdated to Maius 18))

Well, it seems as if it's a busy week ahead, so I'll get this out before everyone's got plans. Maius 21 I'm having a bit of a get together at the villa I'm staying at - it's the one with the red roof and the blue door, down at the south end of the beach. Everyone's welcome to come. It will be mainly those of us who've remained ourselves, though there might be a few natives about. Come around an hour before sunset, if you like. Perhaps we might have a little conversation after the party about what we've all learned.

Ta, darlings!
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What the fuck? What the fuck!

-=unlike when he was infiltrating as a human, his voice still sounds harsh and whispery (though loud enough over the network) and he is clearly in a tizzy about something=-

How do you mammals move around like this? I can't- it's all just out there?? I can't take a step without this impractical sack of meat and skin bouncing around between my legs.

What the hell am I doing wrong? Are you supposed to tuck it away somewhere so walking doesn't feel like you're punching yourself in the dick over and over again? What is wrong with nature, this is such a horrible design.
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When Feliciano realizes where he is, his first reaction is shock. The second reaction is an ache in his heart, and the third reaction is to burst into tears.

And his sobbing echoes throughout the network in his relief.

Rome...! We're in Naples, we're in the Imperium Romanum...! This is my grandfather's house, this is my childhood home-

He takes a while to compose himself, but soon continues speaking.

Leonardo has already offered his help, but I can be useful too...! I lived through this, I remember all of it, all of these places- I remember everything! My grandfather taught me so much, and I never forgot. If anyone needs help navigating the land or the culture, please, feel free to ask me.

I'll be going by the name Felix Romulus Valeria, if anyone needs to find me. It was the name I went by back then.
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[The first part of Leonardo's broadcast seems to be a misfire, in only that it is quiet and almost disbelieving.]

Non è possible... this is... home? Italia...?

We are in the Kingdom of Naples... no, that is back in my time, this is Campania felix... Dio mio, we're in Stabiae--

[There is silence for a good fifteen minutes, as Leonardo prepares and questions the populace. Then, he finally comes on the Network.]

For anyone who is listening, I have some good news. And some bad news. The good news is that I have located our exact location in space and time. We are in Stabiae, an ancient Roman resort which Pliny the Elder described in detail in his records. The year, at least according to the gossip of Emperor Nero's daughter, Claudia Augusta, and her recent death, and the recent appointment of Titus Vespasian as the governor of Africa Proconsularis, indicate that this is the Year of Our Lord 63.

The bad news is that in sixteen years, this place will be completely destroyed with ash, much like the city just five miles north of here, Pompeii. In fact this entire region will be flooded with molten earth and ash, and be consumed entirely. Further, Emperor Nero is on the throne, according to The Natural History, as written by Pliny the Elder... and I am sure you have heard of the stories of Emperor Nero.

I will be referring to myself during this Jaunt as Leontius Florentinus Vincio. Just Leontius will do, if you see me, but it is the best translation of my name I could come up with on short notice. If you require names to blend in, please, let me know and I will do my best to translate... or transliterate your names, should it be impossible. They usually come in three names, though sometimes two in women's cases, that being her name and the name of her husband. But it can be more or less depending on one's epic deeds or acts of heroism, or simply their fame throughout the Empire.

Further, a few points of advice on etiquette. Men are expected to wear togas. [He briefly livestreams a picture of himself in a toga and traditional sandals.] Ladies, do not wear a toga, like the men, unless you would like to be mistaken for a prostitute. Instead, find or make a stola. [He briefly livestreams a random gaggle of women walking past, each one wearing pretty stolas and giggling amongst themselves.]

Secondly, if you are to claim family ties, keep in mind which one is the eldest male in your "family". If you are a father, grandfather, or sometimes an elder brother or elder cousin - you are in charge, and you are expected to be obeyed no matter what. Younger brothers might or might not, depending upon the will of the deceased father, but... it is best if you choose your family ties wisely. If you argue in public, people will grow suspicious, or they will believe you are uncivilized and will try not to speak to you. Obviously, this would be difficult to further our investigation.

It is probably best to claim that you are from distant parts of the Empire if your native homeland is from outside Ancient Rome's bounds. Perhaps you can claim you are traders from distant lands, but you will not be treated as Roman citizens, that way. Many of the outer provinces were treated lesser than the inner provinces. Still, it is worth a try, to maintain appearances and keep our illusion going.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, but try not to come to me in person. I wish to remain as inconspicuous as possible.
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This is Randolph Lyall... I'm sorry I didn't get this out to everyone sooner, but I know there are a number of us who have kept traits of the werewolves from the previous Jaunt. I've been one for several years now, and particularly in the light of there being a party coming up shortly, here, I wanted to make myself available in case anyone needs help adjusting to their new senses or instincts, or pointers in regards to shapeshifting or hunting. Getting used to this takes time, but I've gone through it, and I'll offer what help and advice I can-- or spare clothing if you need it. These shapeshifts rarely are kind to clothes, and I have the ability to create clothing from nothing, in here.

I also wanted to assure everyone that whether or not these forms come with whatever the full moon drawbacks of their associated bloodline, liminal space is a moon-free zone. Any "moon" in here that shows up isn't real, and hasn't ever affected me, so it oughtn't affect you. Whether you wish to experiment with full moon drawbacks in any of the Jaunt worlds we visit, if anything gets out of hand, all you need is someone to portal you back in here.

And finally, er.

[Here he hesitates, and there may be a slight sense of embarrassment when he continues. Only slight, though. This is, after all, a largely tone-free network.]

Regarding that party... seeing as I do seem to have expanded my clothing-adjustment skills to other people, these days, if anyone needs help creating a costume, I'm happy to oblige, if I can. Just come to me with an idea, and I'll see what I can do.


Sep. 2nd, 2015 04:36 am
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Hello, everyone. [Though overwhelmed when he first returned, now Armin is calm and composed - nearly solemn, almost military in the way he goes about this. He doesn't enjoy this task, but he takes it very seriously.] I'm sorry it took longer than usual, with everything that happened. [Being sent on a different jaunt, not knowing if he'd see any of his friends ever again.] But... I have the list of people who vanished over the course of the last jaunt and haven't come back.

[He takes a deep breath, then begins the list - slowly and clearly, with a small pause between every name.]

Damian Wayne. Jason Todd. Neria Surana. Lucina. Ryuunosuke Ibuki. Sanosuke Harada. Connor Graham. Labrys. Nick Burkhardt. Phèdre nó Delaunay. Oona. Ken Amada. Junpei Iori. Yoon Yoorae. Chizuru Yukimura. Inigo. Takakage Kobayakawa. Janos Audren.


I'm sorry. If anyone has any questions, I'll do my best to answer.
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Last Jaunt we were missing about a dozen people - maybe some of you in your right minds noticed. When that happens, you figure, maybe we did something wrong. Probably they got dropped into a dungeon, or they went walkabout, or just vanished.

When they mostly come back wearing uniforms, though, I think maybe something stranger happened. And we should all catch up with what happened to each other, no?

So: who wants to start?
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[ Ambrose projects an image to everyone: a grating somewhere in the sewer, chained and locked closed, but when he focuses on the lock the familiar sigil of the King in Yellow is clearly visible. ]

Unless you have the skills and know-how to magically bind an evil, madness-inducing primordial deity? Stay the hell away from this thing. If you do have that knowledge... someday I'd like to learn it but for now shoring up this seal would be great, thanks.


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