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It has... come to my attention that my Overlay, while... under the influence of that foul thing... inflicted several Travellers with a particular form of madness that I am all too familiar with.

Repeat it in red! 'This is a major Higurashi spoiler!' )
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What the shit was that!? I know we end up in overlays that have a lot in common with us, but that was too close! The asshole that double-crossed my overlay and his band-mates was too much like that backstabbing bastard Reiner! The people he ran off with were just like the other two traitors we had to deal with back at the Walls too!

And why was our band named Basement Dilemma!? Basement Dilemma! Is what my old man did going to start messing with me even when I'm Infiltrating now!?

Has anyone had an overlay's life be that close to their own before!? That was exactly the life I probably would've had if I was born into a normal world instead of that Titan-infested hellhole of a cage!
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So a lot of you know I've been tryin' to rebuild memories from before Moebius. For you new people, Moebius was a Jaunt before most of you got here, were we died a lot and lost our memories every morning. A lot of that stuck.

[Look, he's being helpful, filling things in for people who don't know the story. Isn't that nice of him?]

Managed to put together somethin' kinda big out of them.

[Enjoy a brief lifestream of Riddick's strange vision: everything is tinted slightly purple, sources of light are doubly bright, and everything seems much more focused on heat and motion. It's an image of his hands, held apart in front of him, and after a second, an arc of electricity jumps between them, from one hand to the other. He holds it only briefly, then lets it dissipate.]

We can make energy out of liminal stuff. Claudia don't need to shoot me with her electricity gun to power lightcycles no more, we can just make that shit.

Came with somethin' else interesting while I was tryin' to put that trick back together. I was on at least four Jaunts before Moebius happened, might be more-- but there were people back then from the last round of this. The one Fortune won. We called 'em the Unlucky Dead. I don't got much about 'em yet, just a couple names and faces, but I'm workin' on it.

Figured that might be important to know.

[The last bit is said dryly. He knows that's an understatement.]
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If I may have folks attention...

I understand many of us are caught up in this battle of Chariot vs. Tower and are desperately wishing to see the Titans win. Perhaps this is for the best, perhaps not. I could not say. However - and I know this is ironic considering how I am currently embroiled in this - I would like to call to attention the fact that one of their co-conspirators may be one of the lesser pantheon herself. Furthermore, that she has attempted to establish her own temple even before this conspiracy has reached its logical conclusion makes me wonder as to where her true loyalties lie. I would therefore appreciate somebody putting my mind at ease as to whether or not the Titans should be placing such reliance on Hebe, especially if she is, as has been suggested, the reason behind the clouding of the Gods' minds. Do the Titans even know of her orders to have a temple established in her name? Why would she be so willing to turn her back on her own compatriots - and does that mean she would be willing to do the same to her new compatriots given the opportunity?

I am simply asking questions. Feel free to provide evidence to reassure me that we should not consider this as a possible complication. Thank you.
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So, now that everything is going to hades in a handbasket... can I get out of Liminal and maybe save some lives?

Nobody deserves to be put in some eternal oblivion or shut away in Tartarus, not even the Olympians. Which, okay yeah I'm biased here because hey family, but...

Would you let any of this happen to some other group of people if they weren't gods?

Is it okay to send someone, human or not, to somewhere I can personally say is worse than Mobieus ever was? I've been to Tartarus, it's...

[There's a long pause, because it's something Percy personally tries to avoid thinking about.]

I'd rather deal with Mobieus again, in all honesty.

But, maybe if we're lucky we can convince the Titans to just... exile the Olympian gods to Rome? Or whatever Rome is right now, I'm not sure it's really a thing yet.... just. Nobody deserves what's been done to them.
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I'm thinking we could use a general status update. What all's up other than 'holy shit mother of all earthquakes'? Is there anything a quorum of us can manage to agree to focus on?
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[Lyall's voice pops back onto the network a good long while after his aborted, panicked message from when the full moon rose. His voice isn't panicked anymore, now, but it is tense, and he's talking a bit faster than he usually does.]

Well. So. It's Randolph Lyall again-- I'm back, and no longer a maddened werewolf, or, in fact, a Heraclide. I'm very sorry about all that. Very... very sorry.

But I'm not in liminal space. I had to punch through to get to the network, the way I punched through to the other Jaunt a month or two back now, and I'm fairly sure I don't have very long.

I appear to be... underground? The underworld, perhaps? I know some of us were going here, are you still here? I would... really very much like to get out of here, but I can't seem to get a proper portal open to liminal space. And even if I could, I would just have to come back down here when I opened it again, and--

[He cuts himself off, and starts again, a bit more steadily, but even more quickly, trying to impart information.]

--and even if no one can get down here, I did have another vision when I came to. Watch out for shooting stars. Either at dawn or dusk or some other time where the sun and moon aren't making a mess of things, there's going to be shooting stars, and then a very large earthquake. We may want to start thinking about disaster relief, or else finding whatever idiot gods or titans or whomever are going to cause it and stop them before it happens.

... but I really would like out of here, too. Please. If anyone can manage it.
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[Companion/follow-up to this]

[Another day, another half of it spent meeting with Titans who could tear him asunder with the barest whim. But no pressure, right?]

[The first of the day, third in the series, comes shortly after when sunrise should be, a third memory comes to light. Kinji only vaguely recognises Shinjiro - he's never met this Traveller personally - but others surely will.]

[And, finally, around midday, the fourth and final memory is deposited. Kinji doesn't know this guy from a bar of soap, apart from the unfortunate squirm of discomfort when he remembers he already encountered this one as well. He doesn't know that this one's not technically a Traveller in the same sense as he and the others are. He just spends the chat being nervous about not getting in on this plan at the final step.]
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Tybalt, fellow Travellers -

I would like to confirm what many have corroborated, and to give you an idea of the scales.

Every last Titan or spirit that was confined to Hades' realm has escaped that prison. It lies unguarded and with no wardens.

Hades and Persephone are as afflicted as their Olympian siblings.

That is all.
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Excuse me... ah, I believe I am using this properly?

My name is Hiroshi Yamane. I thought it prudent to inform the rest of the Travellers that a young man - a Prince, I believe - has been attempting to recruit young men and women to serve as priests and priestesses under the idea that the Goddess Hebe will be able to help resolve this incident. I myself have my doubts, but at the same time I feel that if I allow myself to be recruited, I may be able to better understand what else may be going on beyond what we know of the Titans and the Gods themselves. That said, I admit I am still very new to this, ah, "investigating" process, and if anybody should desire that I look into anything in particular as I work towards this endeavor, I am more than willing to listen to suggestions.

Thank you for your time.
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[Natasha's voice comes across terse, as if she's not used to or comfortable with the network...and trying not to let it show. Anymore than it already does, anyway.]

It's pretty clear that the gods are the problem here. I don't know if any of the bigshots here are going to actually convince people to head up Mt. Olympus -- but I think we should try to beat them up there. To do some recon, if nothing else.

Who's with me?
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Okay so what the fuck is an 'Erotes' and why is everyone getting all up in my shit.
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So uh… funny thing. You guys remember how I can do that water stuff? Well, okay maybe some of you don’t know because I’ve been gone since forever and have some memory problems.


So hi newbies, I’m Percy. I’m mostly harmless and like blue things and can breathe underwater… among other things.

Anyway, I’m gonna apologize in advance for whatever shenanigans my dad’s side of the family puts us through. They’re not all that bad, really, they’re just…. well, they’re gods. They don’t really get humans all that well.

Blah blah blah, my dad’s Poseidon and that might either really help us here or turn out terribly for me depending. I can help you guys with cover stories if you end up having to use your powers or whatever out in public, demigods aren’t exactly a new thing and if you say you’re one most folks probably won’t be too upset if you break something.

Try not to break things though, it’s not nice.

I can give folks pointers on do's and don't's of ancient Greek society too, though it's mostly "don't claim to be something you're not" and in this case... "Assume everyone might be a god in disguise, even the animals because Zeus is a bit odd sometimes" and don't take sides if asked to judge something.

Uh... I guess folks can also check in here?


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