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[Backdated to a day or so after Gil's break-in at Matic's ship]

Okay, so I gotta clear up a few things for you new kids.

Don't portal where anybody can see you on this Jaunt. Most of the time, infiltrators and natives and shit can't see your portals. This place is different, cuz we had portals bouncing around into liminal space all over last time we were here. And because of that, you're gonna freak people the fuck out if you portal where they can see you.

If you gotta portal out of somewhere, do it where nobody can see you and where you can be at least mostly sure there's no cameras, cuz it's possible machines here can see 'em. Synths can, and they're basically sentient machines.

For people who want the full history lesson, last time we were here, we were convicts and political prisoners and crash-landers who all escaped from a prison planet on two ships, tryin' to get away from some kind of information blizzard in space. We called it a tachyon storm, but really, we didn't have a fuckin' clue, we just figured it was bad. Empress of Moths is the one that survived that trip, and she's docked here. She kinda had a baby Starmover in her engine-- that's a kinda radioactive fire-alien thing from another world we visited once-- which is probably where the storm thing came from to begin with.

So that's what happened, and portals will freak people the fuck out. Gil, I'm talkin' to you in particular, cuz I had to deal with a flailing, panicked synth and try to talk him down after your little stunt.
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I took care of my portal in a dark hallway, so I'm sure it's fine. Unless there were cameras there I didn't see, but I can't really control that.

Also why would you keep that in a ship? Let alone an engine?
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... Biology here makes zero sense. Why is everything here insane?
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... Yes?

[It's that obvious, huh.]

Or at least one version of it.
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... It just means I need to get more data.

[He's gonna bring back all the books he can.]
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Okay but he shot me. And his ship was gonna suffocate me, I'm pretty sure they weren't gonna let me leave the normal way.
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You've seen his ship, right, it's fucking amazing. I just wanted to get a closer look!
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...well I went and learned all this the fucking stupid way.

[He feels very dumb right now and it's highly unpleasant; sometimes Ogre instincts win out over human common sense.]

Bonus, got to learn what being shot felt like too.
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Nah. Honestly it's only like a five or six on my scale of bullshit, so it's not like it hurts too bad, relatively speaking.

I got some Gorgon doctor to look at it though, so it's patched up properly.
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[Multiple decapitations are good for perspective in both regards.]

The Empress doesn't count as sneaking, right? Cos I can just walk in the front door. And I can help with some of the unloading if I need a reason.