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[Oh hey, look who finally made it to the party. Thanks to his Sensory Livestreaming, you find yourself picking up hints of... chocolate? And popcorn?]

...I missed the start of the Jaunt again, yes? I really do hope this does not become a habit.

[You're not sure who he's talking to with that, but you get the feeling it's probably not you.]

I suppose if nothing else I might as well provide a central point for consolidating information again. I find I can never quite orient myself to events every time the Arcana pull this nonsense on me anyway. Would anybody care to fill me in on recent events?
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Yosuke here. Naoki brought me back from my overlay and explained a bit on what's going on - at least anything he was able to. I don't have much to add, other than that I'll keep an eye on Thunder Mountain once I get back up there.

Also, it looks like Kanji's overlay is our current leader. Yasoinaba isn't very close to him or any of the other more "famous" stonefolk, but I'll try talking more with his great times twenty grandparents to see if they can tell me about the old days.

... and no, I don't know why my overlay's name is Yasoinaba.

One last thing can... someone go to liminal space and check on my Mothman? He gets terribly lonely and when he gets lonely he tends to cause trouble.
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Testing, testing... is this reaching anyone? I'm just going to assume it's reaching someone and keep talking.

Okay, my name is *Hyun-ae, it's nice to meet everyone! The * is silend, it just means that I'm an AI. This is my first Jaunt AND my first time on Earth, so I have to be honest: I'm VERY confused. I've been doing okay so far just sort of being a tourist and learning to make portals (thanks, Malin!), but I'm not really sure how much longer it's okay for me to do that.

Issue 1: What should I be doing right now? The descriptions I got from other people of what Jaunts are usually like left me expecting some kind of disaster, but as far as I can tell, it's basically just been a cool festival! Am I missing something, or should I just enjoy myself until everything starts exploding or whatever?

Issue 2: How can I tell who's from Liminal Space? I've been able to spot a person or two who I already knew, but beyond that, I have basically no way of telling who's a local and who's part of our group. I might have even talked to some of you without noticing it. It feels kind of lonely.

Issue 3: This is a stupid question because I spent my entire life on a spaceship, but what's the name of... geeze, I don't even know how to describe this one. The bottom deck? The insanely broad flat area that almost everything is on. I guess the outer surface of the planet? What's the word for that? Update: It was 'ground'. It's called the ground.
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[Kitty will be lifestreaming the entirety of the forest folk's emergency assembly. Including the very private, secret second part.

That's it. There's no commentary or anything, just an hours long stream (that is, in fact, locked away from baby Rose).]
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So I'm thinking it might be time to consider stealing the amulet and giving the pieces to people who'll actually use it. It's not gonna do anyone a damn bit of good sitting in this museum, that's for sure.

The real trick is going to be, well, stealing it, considering it managed to animate the suits of armor in here. That might outstrip whatever mundane security's on the place - I can handle people and technology, but this might even be a step beyond Artifact snagging. We should get the Forest Folk bit to those guys ASAP, but we at least have investigators who can relay it.

We also, uh. Need to be able to tell the pieces apart.

So. Who's in, what can you bring to the table, and what say we shoot for next week? Best chance of planning something that doesn't go totally pear-shaped.
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What do we know about Beatrice's overlay?

[She's observed a few things herself, but it is only prudent to do what legwork you can and gather what information is out there before starting any operation.]
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I found out a few useful things about that amulet business.

There are three pieces total. It's meant to be one for each race, and they're supposed to be brought together during an annual ceremony - with two of them missing long enough to apparently be found in that excavation site, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that hasn't happened in quite some time. The Stonefolk don't seem to have ever lost theirs.

The timing for the ceremony itself is a few weeks out. Gil-san's overlay thinks we have until the end of the month to try and wrangle it into happening, and that'll require not only getting the pieces to the right people but finding a human who'd be willing to bring it to the ceremony.

I'm not sure what the ceremony entails beyond that, but this gives us something to work with, at least.
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If anyone needs a break from the Jaunt and a drink on top, there is a bar in Liminal where you can do both. I'd show you pictures if I could, but you'll just have to believe me that it exists and is rather fancy - if anyone with sensory livestreaming wants to come over and show the place off to the network, you're welcome.

For all those that can't do portals themselves, I can do a shuttle thing every six hours, so hit me up or ask someone else who can do portals. ...I'm also happy to teach the ability to create stationary portals to and from Liminal Space to those who wish to learn.

There's all sorts of alcohol here, though I'll need feedback on how good it is, and you can of course make your own if you have the skills.

Just look for the automatic sliding doors made of glass saying "Bar". You can't really miss it.

...Also, if someone could teach me how to turn this room permanent, that'd be useful for everyone, I think.
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Sara here with some stuff you should know about being a small fuzzy animal.

First off, humans here hunt and trap animals. Not to be jerks or anything, just for the reasons that humans anywhere do - for food or for fur and leather. But they probably think the Forest Folk are just from stories and don't know the difference, and the locals want to keep it that way for some reason (which might be why we're here), so be vewy vewy qwiet when wandering around the woods.

This goes for Humanvestigators as well as Furvestigators. The pastel fuzzy guys will probably panic if they see you and they aren't one of us.

Second, I ran into Probably Gil. He's a honey badger, he don't give a damn, his name is Gilligan Reed here, and he made it his personal mission to find new fuzzy friends and warn them everything I've just said in a Royal We about the Forestfolk. I don't know if he's in charge but he's important.

Third, Forestfolk are starting to go dumb and stupid. Feral's the word they use. Probably real high on the list of stuff we have to fix. It's a handy excuse for not having parents, among other things.

Last off, Forestfolk names are usually just normal ones or oldtimey ones plus dumb puns, and what kind of animal you are for a last name. So I'm introducing myself as Sara Shetland.

Thanks for your time.
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[There's a sense of mild panic flashing onto the network.]

Anyone else with giant lizard wings-- be careful out in the sun. 'less y'all wanna risk gettin' turned back into a statue.

[And then it cools off a little, sounding calmer as he continues.]

If anyone needs a hand with bein' a Stonefolk, I got a whole heap 'f info on 'em dumped in my head, an' I don't doubt other people do too, so make sure t'ask if y'all ain't sure on somethin'.

But I s'pose the better question is, who have we got kickin' 'round the Investigatin' side a' things? This is Kinji, fer all the new folks, I'm up on Thunder Mountain.
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[After this encounter, Matthew's mental voice sounds annoyed, somewhat disgruntled, and utterly, utterly confused.]


Gil is unconscious? And we don't know why.
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Woooow, I kind of thought that my mark from Strength is something so small that I just missed it but ummm, I guess I was wrong!! This is a m a z i n g!!

...I mean I'm sure my mom wouldn't think so even if she'd think it's pretty but she's not here! So look, look, Strength gave me a really adorable mark~!

[Says the girl who is on the screen and turns around now to show her back to show a thing that is definitely not a small mark when it covers most of it. There are red roses surrounding a sight of a bunny hugging/cuddling/kissing a lion, there is infinity sign above them but instead of the normal style this one is made of cats who form hearts instead of the usual number eight. Anyone familiar with the Sailor Moon manga can tell that it's drawn in the same style. ...And then she rolls her shirt back down before she turns to look at the person (Jean) livestreaming this.]

Hey, speaking of Arcana marks... Mamo-chan already has his mark but he didn't meet his Arcana yet. What's up with that?

Ah? Who is Mamo-chan, you ask? [and that is when she tells him to show Mamoru, who is also in the same room and then Mamoru waves before the stream returns to Usagi.] He is one of the new arrivals, Mamoru Chiba, my fiance and you should all meet him! I promise he is a lot less rambling, loud and hyper than me.

["Well, that's not very difficult..." Thank you for that line Jean, the moon rabbit who is showing off her adorable ring here grabs a pillow to end this in a moment.]

Me? I'm Usagi Tsukino, you should definitely come say hello to me too~!

[After that she stops with the friendly smiling and that pillow flies to Jean's face with some sudden fierce temper.]
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[The voice in the psychic network is even and self-effacing. It seems that all babies are safe this time. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if they were put back to sleep.]

Today I was told that some of you could pull objects out of thin air, and that I could eventually learn those same skills.

Given that my learning will take longer than smoking the rest of my pack, would anyone mind creating cigarettes for me? If necessary, I can work for them. I'm good at changing light bulbs, writing reports and tasting cake. 
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[The psychic feed opens with what is a familiar sight to anyone who's been around for long: Rose playing. Today it's with her Pogemon toys that her doting godparents gave her for her birthday.]

For those of you who are new, this is Rose and she's just the cutest little thing. Do you want to say hi?

Hi! I'm the baby!

And as you can hear, Rosie is on the network. She's just about eighteenish months old, which means she still takes naps.

[He'd like to see that last, okay?]

And what that means is that when people start screaming on the network while she's napping she wakes up. I can only block the network out for her about once a week, so everyone's a lot happier if you take a second to filter any screaming you're meaning to do in everyone's head away from her.
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Is this network always so... much? I'm glad no demons were harmed, and all are alive and well, etcetera, etcetera...

But this level of shouting is unusual, right? Please tell me it is.

[ LOOK. He doesn't like having all this noise in his head! ]
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[This week's psychic communications are kind of weird. First they're on the lookout for demons, then they're not, then there's a Halloween party...

Well. Yakumo's come to terms with the Travellers being a strange and unpredictable bunch. At least here, now, he's ready to talk about something much more reasonable:]

How many people here have studied Colour Magic? [definitely a more normal topic. Somewhat awkward, a little abrupt - as if he's only just had it pointed out come to the realization that he can ask other people what they did.] And which Colour did you decide on?
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If everyone is done with the latest misunderstanding and no one's wound up in the floor, I have some slightly less exciting but far more pleasant content for you.

[Her announcement was pre-empted by a shooting. It figures. Serves her right for trying to wait until midnight to put it up, but she'd thought, why waste actually having a clock around? Either way, this is a basic communication rather than a fancy video one out of respect for Thorne likely being indisposed for a while.]

That is to say, by the closest reckoning I can manage, it's been one year and eleven months since I arrived, and since my arrival clearly coincided with Halloween, that means that it's the beginning of October now, and also that we're going to be on a Jaunt for the holiday itself.

Both Halloween and the beginning of October are very important to me, as well as Battler and Maria Ushiromiya, two very important people to me you may be acquainted with. It's something of a tradition for us to combine a personal holiday at the start of the month with a Halloween party if there's a chance we might be apart on the day itself, and this year I thought I'd extend an invitation to all of Liminal Space to have such an early Halloween party. It would be a time to celebrate the more positive aspects of spirits and the afterlife after the ghastly business that was Harrogate, and more importantly, to enjoy each others' company and gorge ourselves on Liminal candy.

I will more than happily provide the venue - I'm rearranging my Mansion into something more suitable as we speak - but I wouldn't mind help from any volunteers, especially people who have thrown Liminal Parties before. I'll make an announcement at the time of the event, but I figure it will be ready in three days - about the right amount of time to party until the Jaunt starts, if my napkin-calculations are right again!

Anyway, I'm rambling and don't have an editor here, so everyone, consider yourselves invited to an early Halloween Party, as both guests and, if you like, co-hosts.
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We are handling the situation! Stop your shouting at the poor man! It was an honest mistake, and I am safe. It is common for goodly folk to consider me an enemy when taken by surprise of my appearance, and I will not fault those here for doing the same.

Leave him be.
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-=a loud shriek cuts through the network and for once it's not jules! prompto has figured out the network just in time to have a complete fit=-


-=poor drizzt has again been mistaken for something evil. and yes those are gunshots out in the clearing for anyone nearby=-


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