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If everyone is done with the latest misunderstanding and no one's wound up in the floor, I have some slightly less exciting but far more pleasant content for you.

[Her announcement was pre-empted by a shooting. It figures. Serves her right for trying to wait until midnight to put it up, but she'd thought, why waste actually having a clock around? Either way, this is a basic communication rather than a fancy video one out of respect for Thorne likely being indisposed for a while.]

That is to say, by the closest reckoning I can manage, it's been one year and eleven months since I arrived, and since my arrival clearly coincided with Halloween, that means that it's the beginning of October now, and also that we're going to be on a Jaunt for the holiday itself.

Both Halloween and the beginning of October are very important to me, as well as Battler and Maria Ushiromiya, two very important people to me you may be acquainted with. It's something of a tradition for us to combine a personal holiday at the start of the month with a Halloween party if there's a chance we might be apart on the day itself, and this year I thought I'd extend an invitation to all of Liminal Space to have such an early Halloween party. It would be a time to celebrate the more positive aspects of spirits and the afterlife after the ghastly business that was Harrogate, and more importantly, to enjoy each others' company and gorge ourselves on Liminal candy.

I will more than happily provide the venue - I'm rearranging my Mansion into something more suitable as we speak - but I wouldn't mind help from any volunteers, especially people who have thrown Liminal Parties before. I'll make an announcement at the time of the event, but I figure it will be ready in three days - about the right amount of time to party until the Jaunt starts, if my napkin-calculations are right again!

Anyway, I'm rambling and don't have an editor here, so everyone, consider yourselves invited to an early Halloween Party, as both guests and, if you like, co-hosts.
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[Even without an actual livestream attached to it, there's still the ghost of a faint, ladylike cough before the speaker begins. Man. Even back ... back before everything she'd never used the network in public. But now... she supposes she might as well ask.

A high mental voice pipes up.]

Excuse me, everyone? Could I have a moment of your time?

To begin with, I should introduce myself to everyone who has arrived since I last Travelled with you all: my name is Haru Okumura. While I did do so in person, I'd like to thank my rescuers for coming after me again... It is wonderful to know there are still people among the Travellers willing to take those kinds of risks for someone they don't know.

However, I've noticed that a lot of things have changed around here, apart from all the ... new faces? I certainly don't recall all the doors here before! Are those usually here, or are they just part of this Liminal Space? Never mind everything else...
Would it be possible for somebody to let me know what I've missed while I've been ... would you call it "away"? It really would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello, everyone!

I have been wondering lately how many writers or aspiring writers we have among our number, and if anyone would be interested in forming a writing society for Travelers.

Anyone and everyone would be welcome, of course, no matter your skill level. I am absolutely certain that those of us with more experience in the matter would certainly help those with less experience.

So, please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Space, food and drink, as well as pens, ink, and paper will be provided, of course.
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Hello, everyone. I thought I'd send out a message just to ask how everyone is doing. Please make sure that you drink enough water, as I believe most of us are accustomed to different climates than these.

If anyone feels dehydrated or dizzy, or anything not right, please let me know and I will bring you to my rooms for some cooling off.

Also, how is everyone doing with the hatchings or the poachers? I dare say things are getting a bit exciting.
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If anyone else lost their pet to whatever the fuck that was this morning, try callin' 'em again.

[Shinji makes no remark on how he knows this, or how weird Text Network is. That's not important.]
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Dragons? Really?

[As far as tone is distinguishable on the network, that's muttered, and very, very frustrated - but anyone who remembers Misericordia probably understands. When Naoki resumes, it's at a much more normal volume and tone.]

Anyway, we might as well get a check-in going. This is Naoki. We are definitely not in Harrogate, unless something went very, very wrong with Earth's climate since the last time.

If it turns out we're missing a substantial chunk of people, I can try reaching out to the others later this week.
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Hello, fellow Travelers. For once, I am not addressing everyone in regards to an entertainment of some sort.

Gentlemen, and those without a female reproductive system, you might want to tune me out from here on. Ladies, and anyone with a female reproductive system, I have something for you.

A few Liminal Spaces back, I realized that no one here has made any sort of contraceptives for those who might wish to engage in activities that would result in unfortunate consequences.

[For all that she adored Christina eventually... it was an unfortunate consequence.]

I have made a liquid that will halt conception for three months. It is completely reversible if you ever wish to bear a child, but it will prevent both pregnancy and menstruation.

For those who live in an earlier age and do not understand, I am happy to talk you through what goes on, and what my concoction does.

If you would like some, please, by all means, come to my rooms. My door is always open, and I will not ask any questions of you.
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Hokay, so. Now is the time for a network announcement that has nothing to do with ‘holy shit possibly Harrogate,’ other than I can share the load of beefing up mental firewalls. Otherwise network-fu isn’t so much my thing. Instead, I have a couple follow-ups to Riddick’s ‘hey we can turn Liminal Space into usable electricity’ discovery.

Thing One, during the last jaunt I figured out how to properly wire my rooms, so you can bring your own plugs. The downside is I think it has a measurable limit in terms of energy output, so I didn’t rewire the server room for Liminal Intranet. That’s still on… hell, I don’t know, cognitive power? I expect it to work so it works?

Thing Two, and slightly scarier: It’s possible to draw some serious shock power out of Liminal Space, if you play your cards right. The really bad news here is that shock power is measurable in milli-amps. Very Important Safety Lesson, guys – amps can absolutely seriously hurt or kill people. I’m reasonably sure anything fatal would take a deliberate effort, but it would be very easy to contact-paralyze someone by accident.

I’m not here to tell people not to chase it in the first place or whatever. Just… be careful. It’s one thing to have another weapon in your arsenal and another thing entirely to risk accidentally Flooring someone.
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Ah, well. I guess this is how to make this thing work. Odd, but useful.

In any case, my name is Naoya. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to introduce myself, but there you are. I'm guessing that there won't be a lot of time on these 'Jaunts' for the meet and greet - not if we're intended to go solve some problem or another.

I do have some questions, however. First of all, is there a spare computer or a way to acquire one on one of these Jaunts? I deal with computers as part of my work, so it's a little strange not having them around. Secondly, is there anywhere I can plug in an electronic device? And possibly find some spare cords I can rewire... I'm not exactly counting on the voltage to be the same.

... And thirdly, does anyone have access to a dark room or possibly some ice that is not ice cream? This place is already giving me a headache, and I suspect it's only going to get worse.
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Okay, so good news - I found Hajime an' Tachibana. Hajime's one a' them Heraclides, which probably means Kenzaki ain't far behind, either. Tachibana's a centaur named Galen, a big black thing - built like a brick outhouse an' grumpy as hell, but seems like he's a doctor, so if'n y'all get injured an' don't want it lookin' too suspicious, try findin' him. [And there's a brief flash of memory to show him off, for those who might not know him.]

The reason I even mention all that is cos Hajime damn well bit me. Tachibana got it patched up, but anyone mind lookin' it over? Ain't particularly feelin' like lettin' that scar.
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So uh… funny thing. You guys remember how I can do that water stuff? Well, okay maybe some of you don’t know because I’ve been gone since forever and have some memory problems.


So hi newbies, I’m Percy. I’m mostly harmless and like blue things and can breathe underwater… among other things.

Anyway, I’m gonna apologize in advance for whatever shenanigans my dad’s side of the family puts us through. They’re not all that bad, really, they’re just…. well, they’re gods. They don’t really get humans all that well.

Blah blah blah, my dad’s Poseidon and that might either really help us here or turn out terribly for me depending. I can help you guys with cover stories if you end up having to use your powers or whatever out in public, demigods aren’t exactly a new thing and if you say you’re one most folks probably won’t be too upset if you break something.

Try not to break things though, it’s not nice.

I can give folks pointers on do's and don't's of ancient Greek society too, though it's mostly "don't claim to be something you're not" and in this case... "Assume everyone might be a god in disguise, even the animals because Zeus is a bit odd sometimes" and don't take sides if asked to judge something.

Uh... I guess folks can also check in here?
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All right, Travellers, we have a goal and a way to get to it. There is a portal in a park near the pogemon HQ that leads to a similar landscape to the one we're aiming for. I'm clearing the area and we can use it as a launch point. What do people know about this Nevermore character? Weaknesses, layout of the castle, guard numbers and types - any information is good information guys.

And let me know who's coming to the portal and whether or not you've signed up with the Guardia. There's some good material and supplies there if you need them and it will allow you to move about freely.
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Can anyone tell me what in the bloody hell is going on? One moment I was a professor, and now I am... myself, but also still somehow Professor Cavour.

Also, whoever decided I should be called bloody Cavour has some explaining to do.

At any rate, darlings, I'm back. What's been going on?
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This is certainly the clearest message we've had from our delightful hosts in quite some time. Maybe they actually intend to make us aware of which of them is winning after all, instead of leaving us to guess and grope after everything.

Tell me, I'm curious: was it the intent of our Investigators that the Hermit should win, or was it just left to chance?
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Now I ain't too sure how many people got 'em in their worlds, but at least where I come from, we got these little critters called groundhogs.

[And he's even so kind as to provide an image!]

An' they hibernate, so they sleep through all a' winter in these big-ass burrows - they can go a couple yards deep, bit of a mess fer farmers. So when a groundhog leaves its burrow at the start a' spring an' comes outside, if'n it sees its own shadow it goes right back in its burrow and we get stuck with another six weeks a' winter.

So apparently all 'f'us are actin' like groundhogs right now.
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Ladies, Gentlemen, and anyone who does not consider themselves either of the two, I have an announcement.

I believe it is time that we have another Liminal Ball. Last year, I coordinated, with the help of some others, a ball here in Liminal Space between Jaunt. It is obvious that after all of the chaos and division we have had in the past weeks, we need to come together and celebrate us as a group before our hosts divide us even further.

Thus, a few days after Liminal Space changes, we will hold a fancy-dress ball, masques optional, but encouraged. I will need some help with creating food, drink, and decorations. Please feel free to come find me if you would like to help in some manner. We will also likely need people to assist with outfits and costuming for those who cannot create their own.

Also, I must emphasize, this is a ball for everyone. No matter who you are, no matter what your opinions are on our current state, you are welcome. We are all in this together, and we really need a bloody break.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
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Hi everyone, Ambrose here with observations... I think most folks have made but let's all discuss about them at once. [ because that's helpful. sometimes. ] And if you have no idea what I'm talking about? Ask, folks will fill you in.

Okay: the tree and the colored fire and the emotions, that's obviously to do with the Illuminants or at least color magic. Dark cold wet city? That's Mr. King We Don't Talk About from Harrogate, maybe. The really bright... things with all the space stuff I think is a reference to Starmovers. I'm still trying to figure out the thing with all the little worlds but that could just be Traveling in general, I'm open to suggestions.

Now: what do we think they're trying to tell us with all this? They've been pretty chatty lately but goodness knows they can be lousy communicators.

Speaking of inscrutable, did any of you meet the Fool? Don Orlea, Bandages Guy?
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I know we all have bigger and better things on our minds at the moment, but one question for everyone.

How long do portals usually stay open? I realized that I have kept one open for about three hours while I was a bit caught up in a book.

It... does not seem to be of much importance, but it was certainly curious.
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If you see a Titan outside the fridge, don't worry. That's just me. [He doesn't want to scare anyone like he did last time he became a Titan in Liminal Space. Especially since the majority of Travelers seem more likely to try stabbing him than they are to run away.]

[There's a short pause as he seems to consider something.]

As long as I'm like this, does anyone want to use these giant letters to leave a message for the Trumps? It shouldn't be too hard for me to move them around right now. I just don't have anything to say to them that'd do any good.
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Well, well, well...ah, it seems I'm missing my usual camerawoman, but I have a couple of important announcements.

As far as I can tell, I've been here for almost exactly a year, assuming all Jaunts are "really" about six weeks and my trip to the Expo in Japan was a fluke of perception. I would like to thank you all, first of all, for being the most understanding and entertaining bunch of weirdos I've met in many years, and wish you a happy...either Halloween, or a spooky enough Liminal to be a close approximation.

The second announcement, and I'll thank anyone who cares to share this with the batch of newbies that are due to arrive in a day or three if the pattern keeps up, is that I've spent a great deal of time padding out my Liminal Room, if you'd like to drop by. I think I've turned it into a nice home away from home, and while I wouldn't think to ever detract from Maestro Leonardo's Workshop as a gathering place for Travelers, but if anyone needs extra space, I do have guest bedrooms, and I can 95% guarantee the place isn't haunted!

Except today, of course. I mean, it's Halloween. Or so.

And finally...if the calculations of myself and others are correct, Death and Justice just took the last turn in the game the Trumps are playing with us. We do not know what is next, except that change is coming. My suggestion to you, fellow travelers, is that we prepare ourselves for the unexpected.


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