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So I'm thinking it might be time to consider stealing the amulet and giving the pieces to people who'll actually use it. It's not gonna do anyone a damn bit of good sitting in this museum, that's for sure.

The real trick is going to be, well, stealing it, considering it managed to animate the suits of armor in here. That might outstrip whatever mundane security's on the place - I can handle people and technology, but this might even be a step beyond Artifact snagging. We should get the Forest Folk bit to those guys ASAP, but we at least have investigators who can relay it.

We also, uh. Need to be able to tell the pieces apart.

So. Who's in, what can you bring to the table, and what say we shoot for next week? Best chance of planning something that doesn't go totally pear-shaped.
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Sara here with some stuff you should know about being a small fuzzy animal.

First off, humans here hunt and trap animals. Not to be jerks or anything, just for the reasons that humans anywhere do - for food or for fur and leather. But they probably think the Forest Folk are just from stories and don't know the difference, and the locals want to keep it that way for some reason (which might be why we're here), so be vewy vewy qwiet when wandering around the woods.

This goes for Humanvestigators as well as Furvestigators. The pastel fuzzy guys will probably panic if they see you and they aren't one of us.

Second, I ran into Probably Gil. He's a honey badger, he don't give a damn, his name is Gilligan Reed here, and he made it his personal mission to find new fuzzy friends and warn them everything I've just said in a Royal We about the Forestfolk. I don't know if he's in charge but he's important.

Third, Forestfolk are starting to go dumb and stupid. Feral's the word they use. Probably real high on the list of stuff we have to fix. It's a handy excuse for not having parents, among other things.

Last off, Forestfolk names are usually just normal ones or oldtimey ones plus dumb puns, and what kind of animal you are for a last name. So I'm introducing myself as Sara Shetland.

Thanks for your time.
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Woooow, I kind of thought that my mark from Strength is something so small that I just missed it but ummm, I guess I was wrong!! This is a m a z i n g!!

...I mean I'm sure my mom wouldn't think so even if she'd think it's pretty but she's not here! So look, look, Strength gave me a really adorable mark~!

[Says the girl who is on the screen and turns around now to show her back to show a thing that is definitely not a small mark when it covers most of it. There are red roses surrounding a sight of a bunny hugging/cuddling/kissing a lion, there is infinity sign above them but instead of the normal style this one is made of cats who form hearts instead of the usual number eight. Anyone familiar with the Sailor Moon manga can tell that it's drawn in the same style. ...And then she rolls her shirt back down before she turns to look at the person (Jean) livestreaming this.]

Hey, speaking of Arcana marks... Mamo-chan already has his mark but he didn't meet his Arcana yet. What's up with that?

Ah? Who is Mamo-chan, you ask? [and that is when she tells him to show Mamoru, who is also in the same room and then Mamoru waves before the stream returns to Usagi.] He is one of the new arrivals, Mamoru Chiba, my fiance and you should all meet him! I promise he is a lot less rambling, loud and hyper than me.

["Well, that's not very difficult..." Thank you for that line Jean, the moon rabbit who is showing off her adorable ring here grabs a pillow to end this in a moment.]

Me? I'm Usagi Tsukino, you should definitely come say hello to me too~!

[After that she stops with the friendly smiling and that pillow flies to Jean's face with some sudden fierce temper.]
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[OOC: backdated to a few days after the beginning of Lotus Liminal while Jean is still sleeping but just before his dreamspace happens.]

So, anyone know why someone just keeps on sleeping like he might just --- sleep through the whole Liminal time if this continues? Or any ideas how to wake him up? Besides waiting, I'm doing plenty of waiting already and sure, it's most likely waiting for something to happen but... Oh, I guess also ideas of what to do while I'm waiting.

[Not that she's keeping an eye on him 24/7, no she can come up with things to do on her own! ...But guess who is bored of waiting even when she's not that impatient these days?? So, what's this? Pretend like she doesn't already know that it's about waiting and have fun with the entertaining ideas? Something like that, maybe.]

I think my envy of Jean's sleeping skills is gone by now and no, he hasn't even been anywhere near the marshmallows and he's nowhere near them now either.
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Anybody ever made a wall out of liminal goo before?
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[Time to figure out if she's really gotten this psychic bridge thing figured out]

Is this over with the dragons? This is Jaina.

I want to warn you guys that things are coming to a head over on this side. We think we've figured out the source of the problem: Someone called Nyarlathotep. We have a plan, but it's incredibly dangerous. I wanted to warn you all to be prepared for people from our side to be a real mess when we get back to Liminal.

Just... be ready.

I can't patch anyone through, but if you need a message passed on I'll do that once this connection runs out.


Sep. 2nd, 2017 03:11 am
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Need some backup. Hatchery kitchen loading dock, quick as somebody can get here. Bonus points if you're doin' security.

[Because Shinji has just enough network skill to bully it into sending a picture despite the lockdown, this is accompanied by a quick livestream of a trash bin with a snoozing baby dragon in it. He doesn't say anything aloud, though.]

I'll try to keep the bastard here as long as I can.
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Hello, everyone. I thought I'd send out a message just to ask how everyone is doing. Please make sure that you drink enough water, as I believe most of us are accustomed to different climates than these.

If anyone feels dehydrated or dizzy, or anything not right, please let me know and I will bring you to my rooms for some cooling off.

Also, how is everyone doing with the hatchings or the poachers? I dare say things are getting a bit exciting.
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If anyone else lost their pet to whatever the fuck that was this morning, try callin' 'em again.

[Shinji makes no remark on how he knows this, or how weird Text Network is. That's not important.]
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Seeing as most of you have likely not dealt with a desert climate for extended periods of time, or have grow up with 21st century conveniences to keep comfortable, I suppose I should share some of the important guidelines for living in this sort of area.

Before anyone complains about me telling you all what to do, I was born in what 21st century maps call Syria, in the 12th century. It is a similar environment and air conditioning was non existent.

You can feel free to ignore my advice, but I will not have pity if you become ill from the heat or sun.

[he pauses for a moment.]

Water is important, if you have to be outside for any length of time bring some with you and drink it. Even if you are not thirsty yet, if it has been some time since the last drink do so. Death of thirst in this sort of heat comes quickly.

If you go outside, wear shoes. Burning the soles of your feet is horrific at best, amputation at worst. Also, do not lay on the ground directly if it can be helped, the ground will always be hotter than the air after baking in the sun for so many hours.

Keeping covered is also wise, long sleeves and long pants will prevent sunburn. They have proper fabrics for this that allow air to come close to the body. Sweat is not your enemy, it means that you are still well hydrated and your body is keeping himself cool.

In that same vein, make sure that it is cloth against your skin not leather or metal. I have seen many a crusader in his armor fall off his horse in the height of summer because it has become too hot.

During the height of the day, whenever that comes, do what you can to stay inside. Sleep if you can, read, stay in shade until the heat passes.

[another pause]

As hot as it is during this long day, night will be as cold. It may become cold enough to frost if the night is as long as day, and having layers available to you is wise as the sun sets.

I would not be surprised if the bulk of the work around here is done in the evening and in to the night.

Most importantly, do not go anywhere alone if it can be helped. Tell someone where you are going, a desert is a more dangerous place than a city and we do not know what the terrain is yet like or what other creatures live in in the area beside the dragons.

If you have questions, ask them. I will answer what I can.

I plan on making a trip to get the lay of the land at some point before the hatching, if anyone wishes to go out with me to the wilds.
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This is Armin, attempting to reach the Travelers on walkabout from the jaunt in Harrogate.

What's going on over there? Where are you, and is everyone all right?

We're still working out what's going on over here. It's 123 years later than the last time we were here, the year 2020 - in many ways it seems like a modern earth so many Travelers are familiar with. We arrived during the funeral of a local beloved celebrity. There are a number of ghosts hanging around, and several Travelers are investigating or infiltrating as ghosts. We're investigating several leads as to the cause of this, as well as to the hints of eldritch dealings at work.

I can only keep this connection open for about half an hour. I may be able to contact you all again in a few days - but I have to use psychic bridge to speak with the investigators on the ghost side of things as well, so that's not a promise.

...Is Eren around? [Because, of course, that was second half of the motivation for making this connection - and for bringing Mikasa along.]
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Dragons? Really?

[As far as tone is distinguishable on the network, that's muttered, and very, very frustrated - but anyone who remembers Misericordia probably understands. When Naoki resumes, it's at a much more normal volume and tone.]

Anyway, we might as well get a check-in going. This is Naoki. We are definitely not in Harrogate, unless something went very, very wrong with Earth's climate since the last time.

If it turns out we're missing a substantial chunk of people, I can try reaching out to the others later this week.


Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:32 am
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I have the list of Travelers who have gone out of ambit.

Broly, Artemis, Anakin, Yosuke, Rosalie, Natasha, Shuu, Reimu, Ako, Xena, Rorshach, River, Sabetha, Jun, Neeshka, and Leonardo.

[He's quiet for a bit, giving people a moment to process and respecting their grief, before turning to other matters.]

In preparation for Harrogate, I am able to teach eldritch defense, memory restoration, or psychic protection.

I also think we should have a discussion about who wants to have someone use memory restoration on them, who is fine with it either way, and who would prefer to not have it used on them. For Harrogate specifically, but also for Traveling in general.

EDIT: If you'd like to be restored to your usual self, let us know if you have memory restoration yourself, even if you aren't up for teaching it. If we focus on restoring people with the ability to restore others first, we'll have that many more investigators in the jaunt.
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Hello, fellow Travelers. For once, I am not addressing everyone in regards to an entertainment of some sort.

Gentlemen, and those without a female reproductive system, you might want to tune me out from here on. Ladies, and anyone with a female reproductive system, I have something for you.

A few Liminal Spaces back, I realized that no one here has made any sort of contraceptives for those who might wish to engage in activities that would result in unfortunate consequences.

[For all that she adored Christina eventually... it was an unfortunate consequence.]

I have made a liquid that will halt conception for three months. It is completely reversible if you ever wish to bear a child, but it will prevent both pregnancy and menstruation.

For those who live in an earlier age and do not understand, I am happy to talk you through what goes on, and what my concoction does.

If you would like some, please, by all means, come to my rooms. My door is always open, and I will not ask any questions of you.
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I wouldn’t normally offer some of this on a wide scale, but if Harrogate’s looking likely, we need to be as well-armed for it as we can. I can also help with explaining how to de-infiltrate people, and if anyone wants help improving their mental defenses I can do that too.

It might also be helpful to have more people who can punch through network barriers – for one thing, there’s the chance they’ll split the group again, and for another, we’ve had network barriers on the same jaunt before. If it happened in Achaia, it could happen again here.

Bridging network gaps works about once a week, and de-infiltrating people… I’ve only ever managed it once on a given jaunt. I’m not sure if that’s a hard limit or if I just didn’t have cause to, but it’d be better to have as many possible openings for de-infiltration as we can get.
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[Congratulations, Travelers. Enjoy the sensory live-streamed vision of a six-foot-tall praying mantis and the sound of a very loud shriek coming from inside yourself. (Or rather the livestreamer's self.)]
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I don't actually know if this will end up being relevant, but... well, it's better to be prepared if we can, and I can't help wondering if the UFO theme means we're headed back to space. The rest of it kind of says otherwise, I think?

But given the radiation problems last time we ended up in space, I don't want to take any chances. There's a stash of antidotes behind the counter in Aiya, which should be accessible even if they split us up again.

I tried to improve on the taste from last time.
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For the sake of informing those who can't backread the network, it's apparently possible to snap an infiltrator back to themselves without killing the overlay. Unlike going the other way around, I really doubt someone could use it on themselves for the obvious reason of not knowing they could in the first place, but it may be an option, if you need someone back and quickly.

The downside is it doesn't return the person to their original body - it functions like that thing where people end up infiltrating and not at the same time.
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I have the list of Travelers who are missing, who have gone out of ambit.

[He takes a breath, bracing himself for it.]

Cass, Jason, Steph, Alexander, Melisande, Jessica, Roronoa, Inana, Lucifer, and Anzu.

[He's quiet for a long moment, solemn and respectful, giving people a change to process the list before moving on.]

Does anybody know anything about the Arcana who were involved in the jaunt, or who it was that won? I didn't learn much about the situation from my overlay.
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...if we ever get sent back to Pogtopia, whatever we do; stop my Overlay. He lied to everyone the entire time, and he wants nothing more than total control of both worlds. He's also willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to achieve that control.

He knew about Nevermore the entire time, and supported the attacks on the human world up until someone got killed.

He also knows about us Travelers​ and that we have powers not native to either world.

He... does not believe in allowing people real freedom.


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