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It has... come to my attention that my Overlay, while... under the influence of that foul thing... inflicted several Travellers with a particular form of madness that I am all too familiar with.

Repeat it in red! 'This is a major Higurashi spoiler!' )
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[OOC NOTE: This is, timeline wise, well before Armin's message and within 12 hours of Matthew's request for a healer.]

this is Malik

i have information about what is beyond the barrier of ghosts

first of all DO NOT GO THERE ALONE

no matter how strong or fast or clever you think you are or how many skills you have or how upset and angry you are about anything


CW: death, torture, dismemberment )
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[The first thing Eren does after Bridging over from the Walkabout is privately contact Armin and Mikasa. The second thing he does, even as he's still on his way to meet up with them, is contact the Network in general so he can start getting a better idea of the situation. Even without being able to hear his voice those that know him can probably tell he's approaching this as something more akin to a battle against the Titans instead of a Jaunt.]

This is Eren Jaeger. I've just come over from the Walkabout. What's the situation here? The Network and Liminal Space went blank over on that side too, but so far that seems to be the only weird thing happening over there. I- Wait, what the-?

[There's a long moment's pause, and when Eren speaks up again he's back to "yelling" for the moment. Yelling bad enough that his telepathic text is actually in capslock. Sorry, Travelers.] DAMMIT, SCARLET! WHEN DID YOU- HOW DID- I TOLD YOU TO STAY PUT BACK THERE, YOU SNEAKY LITTLE- [There's a second, shorter pause as he reigns his temper in again.] Does anybody know how I can convince the locals that a baby dragon isn't suspicious?
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Hello! This is Usagi Tsukino returning from infiltrating -- or I guess it's more like I'll still be acting like I'm Serena while I'm also me because Thorne [who is getting many thank yous and hugs from this rabbit!] restored my memories but I don't want to worry Serena's family or anyone else who knows her even more than they have been worrying about her since Artie's death...

ummm... I want to help! Somehow. I'll do anything from friendly company, who loves talking and will never shut up to fighting against whatever might be out there and I'm offering my crystal's healing powers to anyone who might need them.

Or anything, really. Would you like --- Hugs? Listening? Company? Maybe start with how are you? Ah, and please don't worry about me, I'm okay and I'm really glad to be me again, though experiencing this in two ways on my Arcana's Jaunt is really great too.
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What the shit was that!? I know we end up in overlays that have a lot in common with us, but that was too close! The asshole that double-crossed my overlay and his band-mates was too much like that backstabbing bastard Reiner! The people he ran off with were just like the other two traitors we had to deal with back at the Walls too!

And why was our band named Basement Dilemma!? Basement Dilemma! Is what my old man did going to start messing with me even when I'm Infiltrating now!?

Has anyone had an overlay's life be that close to their own before!? That was exactly the life I probably would've had if I was born into a normal world instead of that Titan-infested hellhole of a cage!


Jun. 8th, 2017 12:07 am
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[This post is actually filtered away from Baby Rose, but everyone else gets to listen to a very, very flustered voice from Jean.]

This is a kidnapping! I don't care what others say, this is a kidnapping case! I can't do anything in this situation. I haven't felt so helpless and embarrassed in a while...

Korra, help. If there's someone she'll listen to, it's you.

[Instead of his feelings coming across actual state of panic of getting kidnapped, it's more flustered embarrassment for being put into a situation like this. So nothing really dangerous. Carry on.

Brought to you by Naga carrying around Jean like a puppy.]
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[The broadcast starts with just wordless crying. But eventually some words make it through in the screaming as well. Or more specifically... one word.]


[Even for those who can't perceive tone over the network, it should be pretty clear that this can only be little Rose. Eventually an adult voice joins in.]

Sorry... Zoe... we can't find her. I don't think she's still... I thought it was just my overlay but now neither of us can find her on the network. I don't want to cut Rose off when it's her only way to talk to me.
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(For a second, there's a certain gathering tension in the network. Both bewilderment and fear. It comes to a head in a single, piercing telepathic cry, not quite a scream, over the network.)

Oh my GOD, what did I DO!?

Oh my god I nearly killed Hebe! Is - was Hebe one of ours?! Was Atlas? Athena? Nike?! Kallias!? The manticore!? Doctor whatsisname was definitely one of ours but I just -

Oh god oh god please tell me I didn't kill any of ours.
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Now that I can have everyone's attention, a little good news.

Since Jules and I both needed the occasional break from the Bronze Age, I'm proud to announce Liminal Intranet is now up and running. Even I'm not good enough to hook it up to proper Internet, as that would involve punching dimensional holes that are probably beyond our reach, but it should at least be a boon to Project Infopool.

Servers are in my rooms, so they won't be going anywhere even if I do. You'll have to provide your own computers, though.
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Hey guys! I started trying to figure out the date again and realized something important. Since we had that month of Liminal weirdness that changed the Jaunt schedule, it shooould be about the middle of February. As much as that means anything here. You know what that means!

...well if you're from modern Earth, you know what that means. If you're not, it's Valentine's Day! It's a holiday for spending time with someone you love and sharing candy with them. Also with friends and family but maybe that's just a Japan thing. Either way, we can do it here.

Anyone who wants to try and make some chocolate, come meet me in the Workshop kitchen. Or...if no one's interested, can I at least get someone who can make ingredients? I need to make a lot of chocolate this year...

Anyway, go out and celebrate with people you love! If you don't have someone you love, celebrate with your friends! If you don't have any friends, I'll be your friend! Let's give PSYCHE-chan one more celebration before we start the next round, okay?

((Did a physical mingle here as well!))
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[ Here's a new psychic "voice." Calm and collected. Or just ... not transmitting tone very well. Hm. ]

How do I create something from liminal material?

[ ... That's it. That's the whole message. :|b ]


Feb. 10th, 2017 02:54 am
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[As he has after every jaunt for nearly the past two years, Armin appears 'on screen' to announce the release list.]

I have the list of Travelers who've vanished over the course of the jaunt. Elphaba, Eliza, Liara, Xena, Gabrielle, Jotaro, and Persephone.

[He closes his eyes for a long moment, still and silent in respect for those departed - giving everyone a moment to hear and accept his words before moving on.]

I know there have been other conversations about it, but, I think, nothing comprehensive where everyone can hear - we should share what we found out from the Arcana during out conversations with them. We've learned more about them, our past, and our situation in the past couple months than in years before that, it can be hard for everyone to keep up.
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So hey. Everybody. Tell me what all our asshole patrons had to say about Moebius. I already talked to Malik and Matthew, so I got their stories. Already know that we killed one of 'em, so Moebius was a punishment, presumably for that. Death was behind the whole doing-things-over part, and Devil was behind the whole kill-all-your-friends part.

Also there's the tidbit that Lovers claims they don't make the places they send us to, they just pick 'em. Which is interesting. Unless she was lying, though I'm guessin' she wasn't.

But mostly I wanna hear if any of the rest of you talked about Moebius with your Trump. I got most of my memories of that Jaunt back, but not much of anything from that whole thing we apparently did to earn it, and I'm thinkin' that's gonna be pretty important. I'm hopin' somebody else can give me somethin' to go off of to jump-start workin' on that.

Besides, nobody ever talks about this shit, and we're down to too few people who lived it to let people forget about it.
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[It's obvious the message is supposed to be on a private channel, but this time Jean is too panicked to actually focus on something like that. He will feel bad for pulling a Jules later.]

Eren! I found Mikasa. Well sort of she's--

[There's a very abrupt pause in his words before he continues with a faster, much more panicked speed.]

Help, I think she's about to- I think she's...

[ooc: what is going on, but your character is free to guess what it is that Mikasa's doing.]
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Hey, guys? I just came back from this weirdass other place. I'm pretty sure it was like that Tree Hotel that Minako went to back in Newport. I couldn't access the Network or anything. It looked like this:

[And Thorne will stream her memory of looking over the room:

The room is small, intimate. There is no sign of a way in or out. Ping-pong balls crunch underfoot, and empty giftboxes, meticulously wrapped and ribboned, are lined up against one wall, while a humming wall of server blades are racked on the opposite wall. A high-backed, gilt chair with red velvet cushions faces an ornate, full-length mirror, and beside the chair is a mug of steaming hot chocolate on a tiny side table, steaming invitingly from beneath a layer of fifteen half-melted marshmallows.

The stream ends.]

So yeah. That was a thing. Also, uh, I Interfaced with the servers there and they had this to say:

Active Liminal Layers: 4.0
Online Travelers: 84
Online Guests: 1
Offline Travelers: 485

So. Uh. I'm guessing that 'offline' Travelers are the ones in dungeons, but wow. That's a lot of us in dungeons.

Private to Helena and Naoki )
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How the hell can you make it to adulthood without being able to cook anything? Or even caring what's in what you eat?

Someone else come teach this idiot about food before I deck him.

[Following this argument, Hajime can't take it anymore. Someone come prevent a fight, please.]
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If you see a Titan outside the fridge, don't worry. That's just me. [He doesn't want to scare anyone like he did last time he became a Titan in Liminal Space. Especially since the majority of Travelers seem more likely to try stabbing him than they are to run away.]

[There's a short pause as he seems to consider something.]

As long as I'm like this, does anyone want to use these giant letters to leave a message for the Trumps? It shouldn't be too hard for me to move them around right now. I just don't have anything to say to them that'd do any good.
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So, it occurs to me it's been a while since I did my standard Cool Stuff Offers. If anyone wants a lightcycle or a Ninjaville-flavor magic tattoo, hit me up. As usual, first come, first served.

What's not usual is... well, shit's about to get real, and depend on how the Trumps - I don't know, choose their dodgeball teams or whatever it is they're gonna do before they pack us off again, we might be here a little longer than usual. As such, I'd be able to do a little more of each of these than I usually do, and if it turns out they pack us off like usual anyway, I'll do my best to catch up after the next jaunt.

So let's call it first six for lightcycles and... three for the tattoos, those take longer and I don't want to leave one half-finished. No, I will not attempt to mess with anyone's Trump mark, it wouldn't work anyway and that's not blowing up in my face if you want rid of it. [She doubts anyone would ask, by this point, but it's worth putting out there, just in case.]
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... guys? Does anyone else hear the bells?

[No. No, you're the only one who can hear them just yet, Thorne.]
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In light of recent events both during and outside of recent Jaunts, I think it's past time to start teaching our fellow Travelers how to defend themselves against telepathic intrusion.

It is entirely possible to guard your thoughts - and your conversations - from unwanted scrutiny using the psychic network that binds us all. It can take some time to develop the necessary familiarity, but if anyone wishes to learn, I am willing to teach them.

Unfortunately, it may not be a perfect defence against intrusions originating outside the network, but so far it has seemed to convey at least some protection in the majority of those cases as well.


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