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-=a loud shriek cuts through the network and for once it's not jules! prompto has figured out the network just in time to have a complete fit=-


-=poor drizzt has again been mistaken for something evil. and yes those are gunshots out in the clearing for anyone nearby=-
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Now that we have had some time to relax after the events of Harrowgate, I have some ideas about how to improve our responses as infiltrators to situations.

For those of you who are newly joining us, greetings and apologies for what will likely be uncomfortable discussions. The previous Jaunt was… not a good one for many of us despite the successful outcome.

We, as a group, need to get better at talking about what happens to us on Jaunts, no matter how emotionally difficult it is. I understand not wanting to think or talk about a traumatic event, but talking about it allows others to avoid the same situation in the future. Avoiding something doesn't make it unhappen or stop existing.

We have people, including myself, who know how to keep to facts and events when relaying information to prepare others. I cannot speak for them, but if you wish to use my services my door is always open and I will not think lesser of anyone for finding it difficult to speak openly.

Which brings me to my second suggestion, and the reasons I see for it.

We need a better system for gathering information and taking action as investigators. Running headfirst in to something without a plan keeps getting people arrested, killed or worse.

I know that dying may not be as bothersome to some of us as it is others, but it is not a pleasant or always acceptable price for information.

What I propose is that we put together a dedicated response team of investigators willing and able to follow an actual plan and work in coordination for gathering information in sensitive or dangerous situations as well as extracting those who get in over their heads.

Powers beyond use of the mental network that I believe would be beneficial or crucial to this are teleportation, shapeshifting, interface, summoning Travelers, portal creation, and some sort of healing knowledge. Nobody needs to have all of them, but a few or a willingness to learn them would be good.

Stealth and combat skills can be taught, but most important will be an ability to take and follow orders of whomever is taking point as coordinator for the jaunt based on their knowledge and experience as well as put aside personal opinions and egos for the sake of a greater good.

I know that we have no idea who will or won't be themselves on Jaunts but if there are enough people in this Response Squad, for lack of a better name, then the odds are that at least a few will be themselves and able to act.

...and yes, this is a request for volunteers, regardless of your personal opinions of me or other Travelers.

If you wish to speak with me privately about this, my door is open through the Workshop Library.
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Did anyone keep the ability to build limbs from our trip to Nova Venezia, or otherwise know how to build them with the same level of articulation.

Second of all, is there any specific food anyone wants? I will be hosting something besides hot chocolate and marshmallow flowers as soon as I can manage to get enough supplies made for a get together.


We did good, and a party is well deserved I think.
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Hey, it's Jean. Now that things are starting to calm down a bit, I think a small check in is due?

How many of us have bonded with dragons? It's likely getting closer to when we're gonna return to Liminal so just in case, you should be preparing to say goodbye. It's not guaranteed that the dragons will follow us, after all. Not everyone's Pogemon did.

Even if they do return with us, I wonder if they'll disappear from here.


Sep. 2nd, 2017 03:11 am
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Need some backup. Hatchery kitchen loading dock, quick as somebody can get here. Bonus points if you're doin' security.

[Because Shinji has just enough network skill to bully it into sending a picture despite the lockdown, this is accompanied by a quick livestream of a trash bin with a snoozing baby dragon in it. He doesn't say anything aloud, though.]

I'll try to keep the bastard here as long as I can.
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Hello, everyone. I thought I'd send out a message just to ask how everyone is doing. Please make sure that you drink enough water, as I believe most of us are accustomed to different climates than these.

If anyone feels dehydrated or dizzy, or anything not right, please let me know and I will bring you to my rooms for some cooling off.

Also, how is everyone doing with the hatchings or the poachers? I dare say things are getting a bit exciting.
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This is Malik, the poachers who harmed those dragons are no longer a problem.

I would appreciate being told of where there are more if anyone finds whatever direction they come from.

Also, I would like to speak privately with anyone with actual combat experience about a... personal matter.
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Dragons? Really?

[As far as tone is distinguishable on the network, that's muttered, and very, very frustrated - but anyone who remembers Misericordia probably understands. When Naoki resumes, it's at a much more normal volume and tone.]

Anyway, we might as well get a check-in going. This is Naoki. We are definitely not in Harrogate, unless something went very, very wrong with Earth's climate since the last time.

If it turns out we're missing a substantial chunk of people, I can try reaching out to the others later this week.
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So. Quick questions.

How many Witches or Wizards do we have among us? I suppose Mages count too, but that seems a less formal term to me and 'magic users’ is a bit broad considering some of what some of us can do.

I'm asking because my own magic is… unpredictable and irreversifyible in it's outcomes.

Flying monkeys were an accident.

[Which is probably one of the oddest statements to hear anyone say outside of context.]

Before anyone yells, I'm a trained Witch and well aware of the risk and dangers of magic. I went to college for it.

I don't want to invade anyone's toes when it comes to specializations within a subset of this color magic. I just… don't want to sit back and be rescued all the time like some silly damsel in impractical footwear and a tiara.

...also if anyone could bring me more of that fuzzy water in Liminal I would appreciate it.


Jun. 8th, 2017 12:07 am
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[This post is actually filtered away from Baby Rose, but everyone else gets to listen to a very, very flustered voice from Jean.]

This is a kidnapping! I don't care what others say, this is a kidnapping case! I can't do anything in this situation. I haven't felt so helpless and embarrassed in a while...

Korra, help. If there's someone she'll listen to, it's you.

[Instead of his feelings coming across actual state of panic of getting kidnapped, it's more flustered embarrassment for being put into a situation like this. So nothing really dangerous. Carry on.

Brought to you by Naga carrying around Jean like a puppy.]
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[Not long after the Liminal Space Transition, a voice comes through the network. He's not shouting by any means, and there's the monotone-robotic sound of someone who is quite unfamiliar with the network.]

oh stars, there's people in my head, and there was that room and everything there, and I don't know if I'm dead, and I'm looking at a flying saucer, and what even is going on, where am I

why are there people in my head, who is everyone, what the shit did Haggar do this time.....

[The ramble goes on for a while, getting increasingly panicked]
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[A few days into the Liminal, Jean has a question to make.]

Is there anyone who could help me learn how to make created spaces permanent? I've created a stable for my Spirit Animal to stay in, and it would be great if I could make them permanent, in case she's left behind while I'm on a jaunt...

That said, anyone who has a horse, or other animals who like staying in stables, you're welcome to house yours there. There are several stalls and I make sure there's enough hay and water around. Guaranteed daily cleaning as well, or else Captain Levi will have my head...
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[The broadcast starts with just wordless crying. But eventually some words make it through in the screaming as well. Or more specifically... one word.]


[Even for those who can't perceive tone over the network, it should be pretty clear that this can only be little Rose. Eventually an adult voice joins in.]

Sorry... Zoe... we can't find her. I don't think she's still... I thought it was just my overlay but now neither of us can find her on the network. I don't want to cut Rose off when it's her only way to talk to me.
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All right, Travellers, we have a goal and a way to get to it. There is a portal in a park near the pogemon HQ that leads to a similar landscape to the one we're aiming for. I'm clearing the area and we can use it as a launch point. What do people know about this Nevermore character? Weaknesses, layout of the castle, guard numbers and types - any information is good information guys.

And let me know who's coming to the portal and whether or not you've signed up with the Guardia. There's some good material and supplies there if you need them and it will allow you to move about freely.
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[Someone's started a livestream versus a Pogemon - but not just any one. A humanoid hamburger monster is the focal point of the visuals; almost hyperfocused, in fact.

The emotions are no help for this one; literally the only thing getting projected is rapt excitement and the rush of adrenaline.]

So someone mentioned burger monsters!!
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[Naoto's mental voice is higher than usual, and definitely worried.]

Can someone please tell me what's going on? I seem to be stuck in a compact. Again. If someone could help find me, that would be greatly appreciated.

[She coughs and composes herself.]

At any rate, those of us who are Investigating should likely check in. Please let us know who is here, and any information you might have. For those who are new... welcome to your first Jaunt.

[Another pause.]

Oh. And I am Naoto Shirogane, usually small with a blue hat, but sometimes larger. Or a rock. Or a cat person. It is complicated.... but I always have my hat.


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