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Conditioning and Jedi are totally unrelated what are you talking about

I guess sometimes abilities stick from the Jaunts, and I definitely remember teaching people about Conditioning when I was Jey. So I figure I should probably let you know that I actually am part of an order that does a lot of meditating. A slightly ridiculous amount of meditating.

[Some of it involves handstands but she's not going to pull that one out on random people]

What I'm used to is a little different and it doesn't all translate, but it's close enough that if anyone wants help meditating, I can provide it.

Oh, and it's actually Jaina.
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[please make phillip meditate while doing a handstand.]

I'd like to try more, if that's ok.
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Ok, cool! When should we do it?
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Ok! Um, I'm in the workshop, but I could meet you somewhere.
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Ummm. Does my room work? If we really needed I could ask for an empty room, but.
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[aaand if we want to action it up, Phillip will just be straightening up his room a little until she gets there- not that it has much chance to get messy, but.]
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You're real.

[Her telepathic voice lacks inflection, making it impossible to tell whether this is an expression of relief, or surprise, or something else entirely.]
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You aren't a Gorgon?

[It stands to reason. Most of them are human.]

...I was Riva. It's River in this skin.
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They're homophones. Near identical sounds, different meanings.


We have humans.

[Just humans. Which makes having been something else entirely a strange experience indeed.]
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We've explored some. Settled a whole new cluster. But the costs of deep space expeditions are prohibitive without the impetus of a dying planet behind us. There might be other sapient species out there. We probably won't meet them.
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No. We haven't cracked light speed yet. There's no fuel that produces the requisite energy.

[There's a brief pause.]

We might be from your past. Or a past. Long enough ago that everything's lost in story.
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Ours was Earth. Our ancestors left her behind nearly half a millennium ago. There's no going back.
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[Even though her telepathic voice carries no particular intonation, she manages to give off the impression of curiosity.]

I was born on Osiris. We named our worlds for myths we left behind.
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Core world. The spokes radiate outward, keep everything spinning to one tune.

...Importing food must be logistically complicated.
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The system's fragile. Subject to external control. Why cover the entire planet?
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Hello Jaina, I'm Ambrose. [ remembering to get the proper introduction in straight away? madness. ] It's very kind of you to offer, goodness knows a lot of folks could use more meditation in their lives.

[ yes, fellow Travelers, he thinks you have no chill. ]

Myself included. I know a few focusing and calming exercises from home, but practicing more can't hurt.
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Ditto. And exactly, I'll try and share even if mine are sorta custom-tailored for me.
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More than likely. Are you setting up group lessons or more one-on-one?
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Oh, well then certainly it's better to practice on a small scale. Let me know where and when and we can give it a shot.
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What is the use of meditation?

[It's not something Jade has come across before]
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Focusing on what? And I didn't have a chance to interact much with the Conditioned.
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"What is the force?"
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Magic, then. Of a sort.