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Kchhhk... Kchkk. Calling all Investigators. Come in Investigators... This place is full of ninjas.

Well. This is certainly different. This is Alcuin, and I appear to be in a place called Suzuki Village in the near center of the peninsula. Will all those who can hear this please speak up with their name and location? I have a map with me and may be able to assist in guiding you if you need assistance.

Those of us who have arrived here appear to be traders or pirates of sorts. Which does not seem to alarm the inhabitants of the town in the slightest. This appears to be a regular occurrence.

Has anyone learned anything concerning a summit of sorts happening in Suzuki? What it might be about and how one might gain entrance?
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Wash here. Down in Nakamiyo, trying to avoid getting drafted into anything.

Has anyone seen Zoe?

[It's really important okay?]

I can't get her psychically so I'm hoping she's infiltrated somewhere and not on a walkabout...
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...Oh, no. She's ... it's about time, isn't it?
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A few weeks. Definitely during this Jaunt.

[He's rather anxious about it yeah]
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[Ugh, he can just imagine.]

I'm gonna keep lookin', but if she's up north somewhere... damn.
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If she's up north somewhere I'm finding out how people get around this place.
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Good plan. And good luck.
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Reckon I might need it, that's as far as the plan goes so far.
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Pirate queen... she'll get a kick out of that when she's back to herself.

[He's just happy she's on the same Jaunt. That's something.]

She's at the village?
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That sounds like her.

[She wasn't thrilled with it in general]

We were both investigating the last two Jaunts. Guess my luck ran out.
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Yeah, I'll have to figure out... something.

[It is not much of a plan. In fact, it doesn't really qualify as a plan at all. But he's going to get there and figure it out]

At least she'll understand... later on.