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Right after Istas: And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

I have something to share that has nothing to do with murder, ghosts or run-ins with the law.

[And that's when the sensory feed kicks in with the image of a newborn baby. She's still a bit squishy looking, but as far as Wash is concerned she is the cutest baby in the history of the human race. Which is why he's sharing this while he has a midwifey excuse to have her nearby.]

We have a new Traveller. I want you all to meet Rose Washburne, even if she won't get to know that's her full name until we get back to Liminal. She's healthy, and Zoe is doing great too.
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I used to work in a daycare. Not with babies, but I could still help out if you need it.
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At least disposing of the diapers will be easy.
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Just remember that it has to be somewhere nobody can smell it, either.
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Oh, hey, congratulations! Cute kid.
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Yeah, she really is. Cutest thing I've seen in a long time!
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[Managing to sound cheerful-]

Aw, congratulations! It's great to hear you're all doin' good.
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No kiddin'. I'm just. Man. I'm so happy for ya.

[Wash, you had better be prepared to be bombarded in plushies for the kid when everyone's back in Liminal.]
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[Oh, that was a very high-pitched squeal of delight.]

Congratulations~! She's beautiful! Does she have a name, yet? Oh, it's so good to have some new life and good news!
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What a beautiful name! Aaw, it suits her! I'm so glad it all worked out! A cute healthy baby and a safe healthy mama! [He laughs a bit.]

It seems like everything's going to be fine~!
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Aaw, Rosie is super cute! Nn, I'm sure it'll be alright. After all, since she's the child of two Travelers, I'm sure she'll be kept safe with us while things move along.

Such a cute little baby! Maybe the Trumps like babies, so let's be hopeful!
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Si~! I'm sure it'll be alright. Speaking of Trumps, the ones active lately seem to be pretty... intense. Nn, I'm getting nervous being around here. I think I'm going to move soon, try to go up North to where you are.
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Oh! Is that what's making everything act up? It's been so bad here! Wildfires, floods, typhoons and winds that can destroy nearly anything, landslides... It's chaos. The dragons are angry...!
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I hear a lot about appeasing the dragons, but if it's really caused by us being here, then I think they might be stuck with it until whatever we're all supposed to be doing gets finished up.

Nn... I really wish I could see the big picture sometimes. I like being able to see the whole plan.
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Nn, I'd feel pretty guilty if our job was to stir the dragons up in the first place... I wonder how they feel about infiltrators. Do they treat them as their own, or like they treat us, do you think?
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Then the dragons probably consider them theirs, too... This is so complicated. Ah, well- for now, I should do less worrying and get back to work!

Good luck with the bambina~!
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She's lovely, Wash. Congratulations.
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And thanks for sharing with the rest of us. It's always nice to be reminded that good things can happen, too.