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Madoka displays her usual levels of tact and maturity



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... You're allowed to swear, you know.
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... Oh yeah, that's a thing.

Still... you doing okay?
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Not for certain I think, but with all the treasure in the liminal before I wouldn't be surprised.
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... Yeah neither of them showed up in my dreams directly, I think. There were cats fighting... some cat monster, but I don't know. It was some kind of -

Wait, no. Maybe Strength and the other one were the tigers in my dreams. that would make sense. Dammit, why is prophecy so indirect?
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... Well, only if you see it as a possibility of a future, not the certain future. Depends on how it works.
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It's kind of hard to tell, it's not like the rules here are the same as the ones at home, probably.
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The thought's appreciated.

[He's resigned himself to Rose being able to cuss him out in thirty languages, but he doesn't like it]
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Might manage to delay it by a couple days, at least.
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What's a roga and why are we eating it?

Well, why are they eating it, I suppose.
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Ah. I don't think that particular scrambled message ever got relayed.

Congratulations, though. Considering where you guys were this is downright tranquil.
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Was it Devil? [Not that that'd be a surprise.]
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Yeah, that's the impression I got from Kanji.
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Yup we sure did.

Time to sleep for a week.
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That's good.

Seriously though I should be able to sleep now without having nightmares about mouths and eyes, right? Because that shit was getting old.
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Thank god.

Alright then uh, have fun. It's nap time.
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Wasshoi. [ooh, somebody's heart isn't in that celebratory phrase. but the next bit sounds more earnest, at least:] Good work out there.
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Yeehaw. [About the same level of energy as his boyfriend teammate there, but still very genuine.]