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She'd do a David Attenborough impression if she knew who he was

[This is apparently a live feed, from the inside of something like a mecha cockpit. There's a targeting reticule in soft blue, marked "WEAPONS: SAFETY ON," and a few subsystems with diagnostics labeled by name - ZERO and KHKU and ALRA are the active ones.

This is under a murky brown sea - the temperature reading has it as a comfortable 100 degrees Farenheit.

The reason this is getting livestreamed becomes apparent when a merlion enters view. The livestreamer focuses on that, waving hello with a blue glowing gauntlet. The merlion looks over, then starts to lazily swim away. The streamer just keeps watching it - the ripples of its movements, the irridescence of it's red and gold fur.]
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I have... so many questions.
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[He can do a British accent at least, even if his voice sounds more like a chain smoker than an Attenborough.]

See the blondie bean in her mecha at it stalks helpless merlions in the depths of the chocolate beyond.

[And then he's laughing.] Seriously though, what the fuck. Why are you off harassing lions, that sounds like a terrible idea, and I have a bite force of about 1000 PSI so believe me when I say it's a terrible idea.
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It's a whole fucking bunch of things, that's for sure.

I'm way more curious about the whole HUD you've got going there.
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Private, no protection bc he hasn't got it yet :D

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Okay but that's really cool.

[...there's a burning sense of curiosity on the network but he doesn't want to just ask.]