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Let's start Liminal Writer's Club!

Hello, everyone!

I have been wondering lately how many writers or aspiring writers we have among our number, and if anyone would be interested in forming a writing society for Travelers.

Anyone and everyone would be welcome, of course, no matter your skill level. I am absolutely certain that those of us with more experience in the matter would certainly help those with less experience.

So, please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Space, food and drink, as well as pens, ink, and paper will be provided, of course.
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[personal profile] morethanashadow 2017-09-21 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
[This speaks to Phillip's interests.]

If it's like, scripts, does that still count?
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Awesome. Then I am definitely interested.
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I of course will join in and can offer advice for those who wish it in the field of poetry.
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I did! I do, rather. I'm somewhat out of practice, but I've been trying to start again here.

Alcuin has a volume of my old verse somewhere around here. Should I see if he'll lend it out to you?
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[He's quite amused. That may shade into his mental voice.]

Of course, my dear Helena. I do enjoy our little intimate suppers.
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Oh, I think I shall let you surprise me. It's always interesting when you do.
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I do find future eras to be full of the most fascinating things.
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Oh, I wouldn't say that historic things are necessarily simple. You might be surprised by the level of sophistication my time was able to employ.
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I am glad to hear so. I would not mind showing you my world. I feel you would appreciate it.
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I'm used to doing analyses and marking exams more than actually writing shit, but I'd be totally down for this. I could totally learn how the other end of this whole shebang works.
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Well I mean, I was studying for my Master of Applied Physics before my life went to shit, so I can do a pretty damn good peer review, but I'm an English teacher now so most of my time is spent correcting kids' lit essays.
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I would be so down, ugh. Lemme geek out about space.

It's not like they're bad writers though, some of the fiction they make is pretty good! Like, they're not gonna write the next War of the Worlds just yet, but good. Essays are just a whole other bag of fish.
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[.......wait what]

You wanna run that by me one more time?
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[It's a good thing this is a network conversation so he can clock out for a minute and just lose his shit, he's talking to his favourite author--!!]

Okay, well. Uh. So. You are the actual reason I got into science at all. Aaaaaand I'm sorry I'm kind of freaking out.
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--uh, yes, that would be. That'd be awesome.

[swoon swoon]
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Well well, then. That's a very interesting idea. I'd certainly attend.
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Not to sound too proud of myself, but people have been arguing about that since my work was published. Rather than dealing with genre, let's just say most of my work is semi-autobiographical.
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I'll be sure to bring some of my work with me. I quite enjoy sharing it with people who might appreciate it. I really probably should branch out a bit now, though...if nothing else, Traveling has given me several other lives to draw experience from.
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Ahaha, that's the best part, isn't it? All it takes is a storyteller and someone to listen, and we create entire universes. So much power from just waving a pen...
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Ahaha, my husband favors the latter. Perhaps I should trade out my pipe for a fountain pen to make us a matched set?
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I'm so in. So very, very in.
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Oh my god.

Yes. Um. Yes. That would be good. Do you want to, um, discuss it over supper? But not tonight, obviously, since you're eating with Anafiel.
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Yes. Good. Great, even. I'm super looking forward to it. I think I still have a lot to learn from you.
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I dunno. You're kind of a master of the fields I'm thinking of.

[Science fiction. Mad science. Sapphism.]
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It's super well-earned, though.