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I... have never Investigated before, so this is a bit bizarre but... is anyone else still themselves here?

I also appear to be covered in scales and have tentacles in place of hair. I'd appreciate some insight, if anyone has any.
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Don't think this is the same universe you come from, brother. Doubt your species exists here, or if it does, it's in another form.

You okay?
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I'm glad for that, but I'll admit a moment of worry when I arrived. No one needs to deal with the Galra Empire.

I'll manage; once I find out the actual details of this place, my past experience should prove useful to the Travelers.
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Same here. We both come from space. Slightly less fancy space in my case, but still, space. Though since I've got all of this idiot kid's brain in here, with me, I've got more localized knowledge, too.
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Perhaps someday we can compare worlds. Broadening horizons can’t hurt our chances of recognizing things should we ever end up somewhere… familiar.

That knowledge will certainly prove useful. I hope you’re ready to fill everyone in.
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There ain't a lot of rules on the space station. Just the standard ones-- don't steal shit, don't start fights, don't finish 'em by killing anybody. I'd add in don't fuck with anybody with horns and grey skin, we can be touchy and we can tell what you're feeling to some extent. And don't touch a gorgon's tentacles, they get pissy about it.

As for my universe, that's more complicated.
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I will make every effort to finish fights non-lethally if someone else starts one.

Is there anything else important to know about the species here? Faux pas that seem innocent but are actually a deadly insult to their culture?
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Nah, when you're basically a big melting pot of aliens, you get less uptight about shit like that. The ones I mentioned before are the big ones to watch out for. Hecatites I guess ain't big on being touchy-feely, but I don't really see you tryin' to give any a hug.
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No, I can’t imagine that I’d attempt that without the aid of particularly potent intoxicants.

[He’s joking. Probably. Maybe.]