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[end of the first day of the jaunt] Tell me baby, how do I turn my back on you, tell me how to leave

Can we leave the immediate area of where any of us showed up safely?

And does anyone know or knows how to find out which direction would be best to head into if one wants to find the closest free wolf packs?

[When they arrived he figured that he would just stick with his pack and sometimes return to Liminal and it would be good, but he's already fed up with all the noise and all the humans. Plus he could really use some off-time from all this human-mind business. Just running with a wolf pack for a few days or more sounds perfect.

He just needs to find one and hope that it all works out.]
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If I recall, er, there aren't actually many wolves in California... I think they were just reintroducing them, in my time, twenty years later. I didn't live here, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

You may find the wolves here a bit disappointing, though. They probably won't understand you, and they won't have... mmm, the same sensibilities you do.
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Laughs-at-the-Storm, California is... very big. A couple of countries that you're used to will fit inside it. You'll be gone for weeks.

[And he may be a bit dismayed at the idea of his pack splitting up-- so many of them are still themselves this Jaunt. He'll let him go if Laughs really wants to, but he'll be sad.]
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[Lyall is silent for a moment. Then he asks,]

If there are wolves about, I'd say go east and north, into the mountains. They'd be there. But can you manage to wait just another day? Maybe we can do something, the four of us still ourselves, tomorrow and then run together tomorrow evening, and then you can go.

[He doesn't want to waste the Jaunt time together.]
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[Lyall hesitates, tempted, but in the end has to sigh and turn the idea down.]

I can only change at night, by day I'm going to have to be human. I'd slow you down. But tomorrow we can go into town maybe, avoid the worst of the concert and do something together that isn't too stressful, and tomorrow night go for a run. Will that be all right?
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[Then they won't stay in the city very long. Lyall has a few ideas.]

Good. I'll round everyone up come afternoon tomorrow, then. That should give you time to, er, research a bit where you're best off going, I imagine.