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Asking The Real Questions

Did anyone keep the ability to build limbs from our trip to Nova Venezia, or otherwise know how to build them with the same level of articulation.

Second of all, is there any specific food anyone wants? I will be hosting something besides hot chocolate and marshmallow flowers as soon as I can manage to get enough supplies made for a get together.


We did good, and a party is well deserved I think.
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What did you do.
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...Good job. Good job, buddy.

Worst case, I could probably CE it, especially with the arm as a reference point. I was thinking of doing a lightcycle round soon, though, and your other thing's burned this week regardless, so... it might be a while.
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Well, yeah, if anyone can lump it with fewer limbs than normal for a while it's you. But if someone else can get the leg thing sorted out for you sooner, go for it.
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I might be able to help with some repairs if you damaged your arm. Where did you vanish off to?
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[please excuse the long pause]

What the quiznak happened over there?!
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It's an Altean swear word that probably means fuck-- I'm sorry, 'it could have been worse'?!
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[He has a flat, deadly tone to match Malik's. ]

Tell me they were dealt with.
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Good. I wish I'd been there. How can I help now?
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Absolutely. I'll handle anything that isn't cooking. Besides, I'm pretty sure you have that part under control.
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Would, you need help cooking? I, don't know many meals but I follow directions well enough.
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I, can see what I can do.
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Aw, Malik, you really do like us sometimes.

[She teases out of love.]
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Yeah, but I'm going to be happy until you do. Harrogate was awful and traumatic and bullshit--but we fucking worked together and beat the twisted, evil thing.
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Honestly, I don't think anyone cared by the end who'd win as long as Bernthotep didn't. Kind of refreshing, really, after some of the arguments we've had since the World Series started.
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I can see about getting you a proper wheelchair until we can get you prosthetics.

And hell yes. We punked Nyarlathotep, we deserve a party.

Bring the pizza and I'll bring the card games.
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It's mostly party food for shlubs like me living on a stipend in school. If you want to conjure up more elaborate stuff... I'll think about suggestions.

It's not so much that I have a spare as I can get you fitted, call up the specs with a spell, and tell you the stuff most wheelchair users find out the hard way, save you some grief. Same deal with cybernetic libs, actually.
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If no one else has anything, I might be able to remember enough about how Uncle Luke's hand works to build a simpler version for you. Especially if I use some CE.
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I probably couldn't get them as lifelike as Uncle Luke's, but they have things like that at home.
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assume this is after his dungeon and he sounds a bit tired

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I think I remember how they built prosthetics in Joseon. I haven't tried anything that advanced.
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The easiest way would be a magnetic 'boot' that wraps around the ankle. It should be flexible - the articulation would be just as detailed as the body really is. Unlike a body, it won't heal when it's strained, so it will require regular maintenance, especially after running and jumping.

We could also rivet something to the bone, but that would be messy. And permanent.
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Do you still have calves?
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... I could do boot-cuffs around the lower thighs, then... trying to rivet gears to your knees seems like a bad idea.

Using the prostheses to run and jump is going to hurt until the skin in contact with them has time to callus, even if it's scar tissue.
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I haven't actually attached one of these in this lifetime. So, I'd rather not start with the permanent one.
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I'd say something like "whatever just happened was worth it to get you to actually approve of an Investigator Plan's results", but frankly you got most of the worst of it yourself. I'll just say I'm impressed with your standards for "doing good".
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Of course not. It's good to see you made it back in...what, three quarters of one piece?
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I do have some ability to make prosthetics that I retained from my two journeys into space.

I am also able to use Creative Enlightenment to enhance whatever I make. I would only need someone to create parts for me.
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From what I know, space is a very dangerous place. My overlay's boyfriend had a prosthetic arm, as well as my future uncle here.

Certainly. We do work well together.