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Sent out to Lyall's pack only

So, fellows, I'm not sure if that dear chap that calls himself our alpha has informed any of you, but he's passed a birthday while out gallivanting about with dragons and that lot. I think it's a fine excuse for a celebration, and it's only proper we should organize it.

Sweets are a must, but no processed sugars. Entertainment, drinks, we shall need a guest list of course. Any ideas, what?
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[It's not that he doesn't know about birthdays, or how important celebrating them is to humans, and he does understand that alcohol and cake are usually involved, but...

Normally he gets dragged along if anything. Helping with setting one up isn't something he's really done before.]

...I can provide a room or make food. [Though he doesn't know what that should look like best in either case.]
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Any kind, as long as it's not too loud or smelly [which he knows Lyall wouldn't appreciate anyway] and you can either describe it well or I already know the type.
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Does he like anything specifically much? A forest, a field, a lake, a beach?

[After all Tick-Tock has known Lyall a lot longer and well, more closely, than Laughs.]
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Large enough for us and a few more people, but if we want to properly run around later, I'll need help with the size.
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Tell me when we meet to set everything up.
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Do you know what sort of music he enjoys the most? I fear I don't know what more I can offer.
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I have never given a gift before.
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A tough challenge, especially for something that is supposed to contain emotional value.

-=there are very few objects that he has any actual sentimental attachment to, so it's hard to relate to something like that=-
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-=he pauses in thought, as always his thoughts moving in more innocent circles=-

I do not know if I am capable of such creativity.
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I have not, but he is my... best friend.

-=he says it tentatively, trying out the concept for the very first time=-

I would not want to make a gift out of hasty, unprepared attempt.
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I will certainly attempt to bring him something appropriately suitable. Thank you for letting me know.
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I can do party food, easy.
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Not offhand, but I could try to see if I can find anything in the library to help out.
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I can always just make a cake that doesn't involve chocolate in the worst-case scenario.

Finger foods, mostly. I can do a mean sushi tray or some little sandwiches...or both. Whatever works.