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Try everything?

[OOC: backdated to a few days after the beginning of Lotus Liminal while Jean is still sleeping but just before his dreamspace happens.]

So, anyone know why someone just keeps on sleeping like he might just --- sleep through the whole Liminal time if this continues? Or any ideas how to wake him up? Besides waiting, I'm doing plenty of waiting already and sure, it's most likely waiting for something to happen but... Oh, I guess also ideas of what to do while I'm waiting.

[Not that she's keeping an eye on him 24/7, no she can come up with things to do on her own! ...But guess who is bored of waiting even when she's not that impatient these days?? So, what's this? Pretend like she doesn't already know that it's about waiting and have fun with the entertaining ideas? Something like that, maybe.]

I think my envy of Jean's sleeping skills is gone by now and no, he hasn't even been anywhere near the marshmallows and he's nowhere near them now either.
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Can the network tap into dreams? At least at home, something is usually going on in the Dreaming if they won't wake up.
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That sounds a lot like "problem in the Dreaming". And the Arcana aren't so different...
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I could look!

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Draw on his face.
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I could lend you some marker.

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Have you tried cold water, ice or snow?
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Strong scents?

Violence? [Look, he happens to know people who would always go for that one first.]

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Tried sticking his hand in a glass of warm water yet?
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Eh, sounds like you tried all the normal stuff. Yelling, shaking, yelling and shaking. Figured the weird stuff was what you were looking for and I sure know I can't sleep like that.

Guess you could try brewing a big pot of coffee nearby too.

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Well, good news is he's probably not gonna die. I had a good nap myself after all that crap, but now I've been awake and happy to report no new visions of future death. [[ His words are casual, much like giving a weather report. ]]

Maybe someone poisoned him? Can you think of anyone who would want to plunge your friend into eternal slumber?
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Harrohell is right. I had a.... I saw myself die. And then I did.

[[ ANYWAY-- ]]

He's riddled with crippling self-hate, huh? That's rough. Well, when he wakes up you can interrogate him about possible self-poisoning. In the meantime, I'd set up a watch in case someone was trying to finish him off.

[[ Not paranoid, not at all.... ]]
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Well, if nothing else works, you could try kissing him?
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No, I think at that point we've pretty much eliminated that possibility. Least you got to try, right?

That could be a real problem, actually. I could try to take a look at what's going on in his head psychically, but I'm not sure how much that would tell us.

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