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Awkward questions time

Unrelated to... most everything else, but I have a question for you all.

What are parents supposed to be like? Having them, or even being one.

I ask because I do not... actually know from first-hand experience. I never really knew mine and I have no children of my own.

[Someone has been hitting the truth sharing apples probably a bit more than he should have, so expect some storytime.]
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Well, they're supposed to look out for you and have good advice when things go wrong. My dad usually goes with "so this is how I screwed up so you don't have to".

Sometimes where you get that can be a little unexpected though. My grandfather wasn't really a parent to my mom... actually, he caused a lot of problems. But Grandpa, the one who actually raised her even though they weren't related, he was always there for her. And that's what parents are supposed to do.
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Yeah, Dad's always been really honest that his life was in a bad place before he met Mom and joined the Rebellion. And that he wants better than that for me and my brothers.