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Postdated to after the rescue

It has... come to my attention that my Overlay, while... under the influence of that foul thing... inflicted several Travellers with a particular form of madness that I am all too familiar with.

It's original vector is not Eldritch but rather parasitic, and I have reproduced a treatment from my world of origin.

I am a carrier, immune, and my presence suppresses it.

I will provide this treatment without obligation or any strings attached, for the safety of all Travellers, myself not least of all.

...no one should have to suffer it's effects.

I regret that it must be injected, as I know that is... a... a common feature of the paranoid phantasies of those affected. This is important enough that I have been forced to confirm it in the Red.
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There is a... a treatment?
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Hinamizawa Syndrome is... the impulses related to the visions he induced? [For that is not the sum total of Armin's madness from this jaunt, though it is the majority.]
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[Though she can't see him - he's taken to thoughts and text only on the network until he's more himself again, lest he reveal more than he means to - Armin shudders at the description of many of his symptoms.]

That's... good to know. [He feels like he should speak more about the specifics of his madness and its source, find out more about this syndrome - but he just can't bear to. Not so soon.

Perhaps after the symptoms are being treated.
] How does the treatment work? And... you said it's an injection? How often must it be administered?

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There's a cure!?

[Eren's voice is hopeful, but very cautiously so. He knows this is unlikely to be some kind of instant, magical fix for everything that was done to his friend's mind. No matter how much he wants it to be.]
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So it'll at least take care of the worst of it. How many doses does it take to kill the parasite? Or... is it something that can only be treated, but not cured?
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How does the Red confirm stuff? Also, how are you even doing that? This Network isn't like the computers back home. I didn't know colored text could be a thing. God knows I tried.
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I'm... definitely not a witch. [[ Especially not a future Batterwitch.... ]] More of a mage I guess? [[ He'd call attention to having blasted a hole in the defenses of "Bernthotep", but he's not sure if she remembers, and also he's still shaken from having died. He'll leave that entire mess for some dark corner of a nightmare instead. ]]

I've seen him around. What's birdguy's name?
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Oh him. He's got special powers, too. He can fuck around with time apparently. Don't see what that has to do with color coding text. Maybe he's got some other weird shit going on. Like being eye-searing orange just gives him the power to inflict that on everyone else.

[[ So far so good, looks like this witch isn't displaying any desire to either enslave him or get possessed by a Horrorterror and kill him. Again. ]]

Everyone back home colors their text. I know this isn't really text, more like psychic words, but I still feel weird not doing it.

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Look, don't worry about it too hard, you'll just get a headache.
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In other words, I'm not a witch and shouldn't waste my time fiddling with text I can't change ever.

Sounds like a challenge to me.
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Ahaha, take it as one if you wish, sir. It's been far too long since I had a friendly challenge I didn't already know the outcome of.

Truthfully, the Red Truth itself is fairly useless except as a means of swearing an oath, unless you're playing a very particular sort of game. That's why I don't use it much here.
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I don't know the outcome of me trying either, but I've got to now. Maybe when I can figure out the Network a little more. So, Red's got to be truth.... what do the other colors do?

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I...appreciate this, Bernkastel. Even if I'm not 100% certain about using medicine from one world to cure a curse from another, you know this subject better than I ever will.

I'm debating whether I would need it, actually. Not-Featherine never actually got her teeth on my ectoplasm, and I haven't noticed any symptoms since I returned to Liminal Space...
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Well, the little of it I did experience was bad enough I shouldn't risk it, I suppose. I'll be by later.

[Private, Psychic Protection II, Intrusion Detection]

I don't...suppose you'd care to hear me ask how you're doing, would you?
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No, you wouldn't.

It's just...ever since I was reborn...or no, really, since I've arrived here, I've come to the conclusion that it's possible to share my suffering in a way other than inflicting it on people. It only really works with people who have similar circumstances, however, and there's few people who have circumstances anything like ours.

I suppose what I'm saying is that if you care to tell your story, or even talk about some tangent related to it, I'll acknowledge it. As much as Witches fight, we're the only ones with a chance to understand each other, right?

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