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[Kinji sounds... less himself than usual. There's a distinct lack of energy to his words, the very strong impression of his face being buried in his hands.]

If anyone who got sent off t'Walkabout wants t'know what happened durin' Harrogate, I came back with a whole heap a' my overlay's footage. Still gotta go over an' edit it, but I got the whole final battle, fer the most part, an' a pretty decent chunk a' the rest a' the month. So long as y'all don't mind it bein' filtered through me. [because he knows how many people he actively annoys just by existing]

Anyone want out a' that footage, lemme know an' I'll fix that. Alcuin, I'm gonna go an' ask that I get t'keep all the footage we got durin' yer interview, but if y'all don't want it hangin' round, then by all means lemme know. Anyone wanna help me add t'this, make a full account a' what went down an' not just Kris's, gimme a shout. Anythin' I ain't got footage for, I got memories I plan on uploadin' too - gonna leave everythin' in the library when I'm done.
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So, hey, y'all, I got a question: I know there's some werewolf types around, anyone know who they are, or any of you willin' ta step forward and introduce yourselves? In private, if you wanna. I got a few questions, an' I'm thinkin' it'd be a good idea to make some connections, since I'm pretty new ta this whole thing.

Also, anyone know if there's a way ta play movies around here? ... and anyone got any? I'm looking for some ancient classics, guess they might be contemporary for some a th' folks here.
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This telepathy thing seems really convenient, but also like it might be really inconvenient. What if I think something, then accidentally end up saying it to everyone else?

[It was bad enough meeting just ONE person who could tell whatever she was thinking. Then again, it's not like she's in the habit of keeping secrets.]

Anyway, I'm Reimu Hakurei, a shrine maiden. I'm also a youkai exterminator, so if any non-human weirdos are causing any problems, just let me know and I'll be sure to punish them thoroughly.

Beyond that, I don't really have a clue what's going on, or how any of this stuff works. I'm getting a headache just thinking about the whole incident in Greece again, let alone whatever the heck the Fool is trying to pull by kidnapping me. Someone was talking like there's some kind of competition between the different Arcana or whatever, but they all seem pretty suspicious to me. I don't see why I should care which one wins.

[Pause. It's easy to start rambling on tangents with this setup, huh.]

...See? I'm using this for the first time, and I already got distracted and ended up saying a bunch of unnecessary things. You need to be careful with telepathy.

[Aaaaaand stop while we're ahead. Or at least, before this gets any more rambly.]
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Ah... hey everyone, it's Ambrose. I was Milo for a while there but I'm back to being me and one hundred percent less tree-like. So, I've gotta ask do we uh. I mean, some other folks've gotta be wondering too so--

[ a slight pause, then in a rush: ]

What's the least harmful way we can test for immortality? Cuz I wouldn't put it past the Arcana to leave people stuck with that.

[ he's totally not asking for a friend, okay. ]

Speaking of Arcana: I'd like to meet with all the folks who've been Marked by the Fool - he calls himself Don Orlea - so maybe we can coordinate or. Something. Dunno if we want to do it all together or what but either way, I'll provide snacks.
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[She's given some manner of thought to what transpired. While she understands her overlay's actions quite well, there is one thing that stands out from all of it.]

Did I truly start lecturing gods?

[Overlay or not. She's pretty sure she did.]
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[Here's a voice that hasn't been heard on the network for some time - deep and rich as always, though with a bit of a long-suffering sigh mixed in.]

Sometimes these Trumps make me feel like a toy they like to put away before bringing back out again at random.

Does anyone know how long I was gone this time, and is there anything extreme that I've missed? This is Asaraanda Adaar of Thedas, by the way, for those I haven't yet been able to meet. Easy enough to spot, just look for the giant with the horns.
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[ The current Liminal Space is seen from the eyes of Altaïr, who is standing in the main chamber, the thundering of hooves and storm echoing around him. Luckily for those on the Network, his view does not shake as he keeps a steady balance. He deliberately does not look at the bronze organs, which... move as living organs do. He speaks in his usual serious tones, though he breathes like he's just finished with a run. ]

If this is indeed the Wooden Horse, the next Jaunt will not be a happy one. The Trojan War is not a place any of us want to be. We must be cautious. The lengths people will go to inflict suffering on one another are only limited by the imagination.

When we are taken to the next world, try talking to me on the Network. If you cannot make a portal into Liminal Space, I will find places for us to hide until we are sure of safety in that land.
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[It's time for Regularly Scheduled Babycam. So far Rose isn't doing anything but hanging onto the edge of a castle.]

Guys, this one is really exciting.

[The voice suddenly takes on a bit of an odd tone (or perhaps develops it at all) as he switches from addressing the network directly to speaking out loud and it being picked up by the stream]

Okay Rosie, come here, show them your new trick!

[Rose responds by releasing the castle and toddling over toward Wash. The feed spins a bit when she reaches him and he scoops her up and spins her around. After he sets her down she walks back over to the castle. And right up the side because she still doesn't believe in gravity.]

So also take this as a warning that she has found a way to be even more mobile. Same policy as when she learns portals, just let us know if she gets loose.
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...It occurs to me that the noobs and returning folks wouldn't necessarily know about the workshop.

Leo set it up while he was here, and once he had the space he opened up bedrooms for literally everyone. They're not super-fancy and now that he's gone there's not really any way to alter the space, but they're not bad rooms for all that - bed, desk, dresser, shared bathroom with one other room.

Some of us have moved out into our own spaces since then, but... I'm sure he wouldn't want it sitting empty. Don't feel like you have to sleep in Liminal, if you just got here-slash-back. I don't know if the pointing hands are still a thing with Leo gone, but the workshop itself is pretty hard to miss.


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